Gas Chainsaw Outdoor Power Equipment

Small volume, light weight, flexible use, easy to remove. The miniature is suitable for courtyard, garden and other small branches.

Product Details

Showbull gas powered chain saw cs2500


  • 12-inch bar, 3/8-inch pitch, 050-inch gauge

  • 1.5 hp, 25cc 2-stroke engine

  • Side-mounted chain-tensioner, combined choke/stop control

  • Maximum power speed: 11000 rpm, idling speed: 3000 rpm

  • Please read user manual prior to using

Product description

The Showbull gas powered chainsaw cs2500 is ideal for jobs like pruning, lighter cutting tasks and hobby work. Easy to start and operate, thanks to built-in Showbull features like ergonomic design, facilitating technology and powerful engine with low emissions. Please review user manual prior to initial startup and that clean fuel is being used.


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