Portable Petrol Chainsaw

The gas chain saw is an ideal saw for landowners and part-time users who require a high powered, heavy-duty and responsive workmate for all cutting conditions. It combines the best characteristics of its predecessor with new, facilitating technology and ergonomics.

Product Details

Chinese portable Petrol Chainsaw with 58cc



Engine:Air cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline


Max Power:2.2kw/11000rpm

Idle Speed:2800-3200rpm

Fuel Capacity:540ml

Oil Capacity:260ml

Oil&Fuel Ratio:1:25


Dry Weight:5.3kg

Bar Lengths:18”—22”

Advantage and features:

Very powerful:Runs like a beast

Great quality:It has more than enough power to cut through all different types of hardwoods

Very solid and reliable:So much power and definitely a professional grade machine

Easy to use:Starts easily, very powerful, great anti - vibration system, excellent fuel consumption rate, a regular tree "machete"

High-performance,low vibration:Ideal for professional users in demanding conditions

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