Agricultural Petrol Steel Chain Saw 58cc

2 stroke gasoline chainsaw with 18" Chinese guide bar. Chain saw with lighter weight can reach the same performance as the machine with big displacement of 58cc. Less cost,lighter weight,bigger power, which can match 24 inch bar.Household use,preferred gasoline tools for the lumbering especially in cold environment.Showbull gas 5800 chain saw for farm and forest use

Product Details

Agricultural gasoline/petrol steel chainsaw 58cc


1.Lighter weight can reach the same performance as the machine with big displacement of 58cc

2.Effective in cutting with the big power

3.Low fuel consumption

4.Improved cooling system to ensure the big power

5.Low vibration for the combined anti-vibration system

6.Long life and less cost in maintenance and repair



Engine: Air cooled, two-stroke, single cylinder gasoline

Displacement: 54.6cc

Max Power: 2.2kw/11000rpm

Idle Speed: 2800-3200rpm

Fuel Capacity: 540ml

Oil Capacity: 260ml

Oil&Fuel Ratio: 1:25

Bore/Stroke: φ45.2 / 34mm

Dry weight : 5.3kg

Bar lengths : 18”20”22”

Pitch: 3/8P/0.325P



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