Best Home Steel Chain Saw

Engine: Air cooled,2-stroke, single cylinder gasoline;Displacement: 54.6cc;Max power:2.2kw/11000rpm; Idle Speed:2800-3200rpm;Fuel Capacity:540ml;Oil Capacity:260ml;Oil&Fuel Ratio:1:25;Bore/Stroke:φ43 / 31mm;Dry weight :5.3kg;Bar lengths:18”—22”

Product Details

Best home steel chain saw


· Powerful 20-inch petrol-powered chain saw ideal for landowners and others who cut regularly.

· The aluminum solid crankcase enables to withstand the high rotate speed. The electronic ignition with auto choke is easy for you to start it.

· The anti-kickback chain decreases the probability of kickback, which increases safety.

· Engine part, the powerful engine is designed for lower emission, as well as increase power and fuel consumption. It is also able to efficiently prevent the dust enter the engine by engine clean air-intake system.

· It adopts the automatic brake system with wide designed front hand guard, which is able to reduce injury during operating.

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