Showbull 43 Cc 2-Stroke Petrol Grass Trimmer

Powered by a 43 cc petrol engine Supplied with two-string nylon cutting head and three-tooth cutting blade The adjustable shaft allows you to find the comfortable cutting height; cutting width 255 mm for steel blades, 450 mm for nylon trimmer head Fingertip controls provide complete control and increased precision

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The powerful Showbull CG443M grass trimmer makes cutting or strimming all types of grass, brambles shrubs and overgrowth easy due to its powerful 43 cc two-stroke Showbull petrol engine. The high power to weight ratio, when compared to similiar four-stroke models, allows you to run this unit under less strain and still get the job done. This ensures a prolonged engine life.

Supplied with a high quality bump feed, two-string nylon cutting head for use as a grass trimmer and two metal cutting blades for use as a brush cutter, with three and eight teeth. The three tooth blade would be used for brambles etc and the eight tooth blade for thicker wood like growth where a sawing action is required.

with the weight of just 9.10 kg and coupled with the twin shoulder harness, it ensures you can use this unit for long periods of time without strain on your back, shoulders or arms. The straight, split shaft allows you to split the unit in half, allowing for easy transportation and easy storage. The trigger is mounted on the handle, allowing easy and precise, fingertip control of the unit. You should use a 40:1 mix of unleaded petrol, with two-stroke semi-synthetic oil in this Euro 2 grade engine. Within the box you will receive the motor unit, shaft, the three different head attachments, along with a host of personal protection equipment, the harness and even a spare high quality Bosch spark plug.

Switching between the metal blades a two-string head is easy and the shaft simply locks into place. With minimal set-up required, simply mix and add the recommended fuel mix using the provided mixing jug (40:1 unleaded petrol to semi synthetic two-stroke oil or 1 L of petrol mixed with 25 ml of oil) fill as required, and you will be ready to tackle your garden. The bump feed allows you to simply tap and go if you need to release more nylon string. The enhanced trimmer head has been chosen for its ease of changing the nylon cord. Use 2.5 mm diameter cord.

     Box Contains

1 x Brush cutter

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