Automatic Portable Brush Cutter

Brush cutter or grass trimmer is a kind of small petrol engine tool, operated by one person, used for grass or brush etc. It saves manpower and improves the work efficiency, more and more welcomed in garden for its wide range of application.

Product Details

Automatic portable brush cutter with CG430


Model: CG430


Power/speed: 1.25kw/6500-8500r/min

Engine type:  single cylinder,air cooled,2 stroke,petrol engine

Displacement: 42.7cc

Carburetor type:  diaphragm carburetor

Fuel Mixed Ratio:Petrol:Engine Oil  20:1

Idle speed: 2800-3200r/min

Fuel tank capacity: 1000ml

Engine weight: 4.0KG

mix proportion: FB/FC grade engine oil 1:20,FD grade engine oil1:40-50

Key Features

· Low emission type.

· Extremely easy starting with fuel primer.

· Multi-use guard (for line and blade use).

· Bearing solid steel drive shaft.

· Metal fuel tank protector.

· Rapid acceleration.

· Low vibration clutch design.



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