22.5cc Green Hedge Trimmer

1E32F 22.5cc mini hedge trimmer for garden use  is the best tool to trim and scissor grass, greenbelt, lawn. The gardener clip the shrubbery, tea trees, leaf, this tool is widely used for garden trimming.

Product Details

 22.5cc gasoline green hedge trimmer


Matched engine : 1E32FL

Discharging capacity(cc) : 22.5

Max.power(kw/r/min) : 0.85/7500

Mixed fuel ratio : 25:1

Fuel tank capacity(L) : 0.75

Form of carburetor : diaphragm

Cutting length:700mm

Scissors type : dual back and forth

Net weight(kg) : 5.5

Packing size(mm) : 1220X240X235

1X20 QTY : 478



Centrifugal clutch.Spur gear.

Light weight.Good balance.

Low vibration.Low-emission

Low fuel consumption.

Single-pole, double-pole.Alternatively.

Absorb Japanese technology strengths.Powerful and stable.Chrome plated cylinder wall.Coupled with strengthened crankshaft.

Extend engine life

Precision Components.

Integration sealed bearings Traditional needle roller bearings prevent the drawbacks of frequent card machine.

Reduce user maintenance costs

Efficient and durable blade.Improved efficiency.Work a day is equivalent to 15-20 workers.Greatly reducing the user cost


You can choose single-edged or double-edged blade

Safe and reliable performance

Simple operation were light and comfortable.


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