Lightweight Green Hedge Trimmer

Lightweight green hedge trimmer with 22.5cc

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Lightweight green hedge trimmer with 22.5cc

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Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Engine models: 1E32F

Displacement: 22.5cc

Engine Type: Single cylinder, Air-cooling, 2-stroke

Blade Type: Single blade

Blade Size: 750X21X35mm

Ignition: CDI

Carburetor: Diaphragm type

Engine power: 0.85kw/7500rpm

Idle speed: 2800rpm 

Fuel Use: 2-Cycle oil/gasoline mixing ratio:1:25

Start system: Recoil

Fuel Tank Capacity: 750ml

G.W/N.W: 8.4/5.5kg

Packing carton: 1000x220x220mm


*The Mini Hedge Trimmer adopts efficient and durable blade, improves work efficiency, the amount of a day's work equivalent of 15-20 workers.

*The Mini Hedge Trimmer has diverse styles,can choose single blade or a double-edged blade.

*The Mini Hedge Trimmer has safe and reliable performance; easy and comfort table operation.

*The Mini Hedge Trimmer power is strong steady, the cylinder wall with chrome plating,with a strengthened crankshaft,prolongs the service life of the engine.

*The integration of seal bearing effectively prevent frequent reader defects, can reduce the user cost of repairmen.

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