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A way of pruning branches with an oil saw

- Jul 03, 2018 -

A way of pruning branches with an oil saw

1. When trimming, first cut off the mouth and then cut the upper mouth to prevent the saw from clamping.

2. The branches below should be cut before cutting.
Heavy or large branches are cut in sections.

3. Hold the handle tightly with the right hand while operating, hold the handle with the left hand naturally and keep the arm as straight as possible.
The Angle between the machine and the ground should not exceed 60 degrees, but it should not be too low, otherwise it is not easy to operate.

4, in order to avoid damage to the bark, sawing machine rebound or chain clamp, when shear thick bark in the following first side incision saw a discharge load, which is the end of guide plate cutting out a curved incision.

5, if the branches more than 10 cm in diameter, first cut, about 20 to 30 cm in the slit of local discharge load of incision and cut off the incision, and then use branch saw cut here.


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