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The main aspects of adjustment of irrigation and cutting machine(2)

- Aug 03, 2018 -

The main aspects of adjustment of irrigation and cutting machine(2)

1. Adjustment of starter

When the starting rope or spring is damaged and needs to be repaired, disassemble according to the position of the parts, and pay attention to tightening the M5 left screw in the center.
When the assembly is finished, attention should be paid to adjusting the spring tension. When the starting rope is fully pulled out, the starting wheel should still rotate about half a week forward.
When adjustment is made, the starting rope is connected first, and the rope is wound around the rope wheel along the rotation direction. A piece of rope is left to be lifted from the gap of the rope wheel.
If the starting rope is damaged, it should be replaced timely, but the length of the rope must be moderate, the rope is too long, the lifting handle should be lowered, the rope is too short, and it is easy to pull off the rope head.

2. Adjustment of transmission

The tooth side clearance is adjusted to be between 0.15mm and 0.3mm by adjusting the spacer (it can be determined by fuses or rotating the tooth shaft by experience).

3. Adjustment of throttle line

After a long period of use, the throttle rope may stretch, so if necessary to adjust, so that the carburetor air conditioning piston can be fully open and closed.


4. Handle position adjustment

The handle can be moved backwards and forwards.
The handle can be adjusted and fixed in a convenient position according to the height of human body.

What are the main aspects of adjustment of cutting irrigation machine?
5. Sawtooth filing and adjustment

Use the spreader to pull out the saw road, so that the saw road is even, maintain about 2.5mm, avoid local teeth contact.
Warping and deforming should be done on the flat surface.
A saw blade with a crack on the missing tooth or the edge of the tooth can be filed shorter.
After the sawtooth is blunt, file the file with a hatchet knife.

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