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Attentions and Maintenance of chainsaw

- Mar 15, 2018 -

Attentions and Maintenance of chainsaw


A mixed fuel, suggested ratio of 50:1 to 25:1 (which must be mixed with air cooled two stroke engine oil quality), saw chain internal lubricating oil adding 10%~30% (kerosene or diesel oil) were mixed before use, to ensure that the appropriate concentration. The proportion should be based on the saw chain spray and decided to join, but should be in the range of 10%~30%.

Two, idle speed should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the machine, the idle speed is generally in the range of 2800~3500 rpm, special attention is needed, for safety reasons, a clutch of 1.25 times the speed of machine idle speed should be less than the machine (saw chain running the engine speed). The general mechanical fuel two stroke are made by steam oil mixture (including oil for two stroke engine oils), ratio of standard, steam oil ratio is about 25:1, depending on the use of the circumstances, if not in use for a long time and high speed operation, it may be appropriate to increase the concentration, if often keep high-speed rotation, it should be appropriate reduce the concentration, put some more oil, to ensure the normal operation of the internal cylinder lubrication components, but should pay attention to timely remove the muffler, remove coke in the exhaust passage, so as to avoid excessive carbon into the cylinder, causing scuffing.


If the chain saw appear gas flameout, work is not so good, the heating machine overheating phenomenon, is generally the filter problem.


As before, need to check the filter, clean the filter at the sun light observation qualified, should be thorough, bright, and is not qualified. The application of cleaning, hot soapy water SAW filter clean enough to dry. When the filter clean to ensure the normal use of chainsaw.

When the chain saw toothed becomes not sharp, can rest on the zigzag chain cutting with a special file, to ensure the sharpness of teeth. At this time it should be noted that when using file Cuo, along the direction of cutting down, not up, at the same time, file and chainsaw chain perspective should not be too large, 30 degrees is appropriate.

In the use of chain saw, saw chain oil should be added to the oil, the benefits of doing so is to provide lubrication to reduce friction heat, chain saw, chain saw chain and chain saw guide plate, to protect the plate, but also can protect the chain saw chain, in order to avoid premature retirement.

When the chain saw after use, but also to a maintenance of the chain saw, so that the next time using chain saw in order to ensure work efficiency. The first is to clear the root of chain saw guide plate oil inlet hole and impurity guide groove, in order to ensure the oil inlet hole unobstructed. Secondly it should be clear about the debris guide head, and filling a few drops of oil.

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