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Be urgent! What if the chainsaw can't start?

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Be urgent! What if the chainsaw can't start?

Chain saw in use process may encounter problems, a lot of people to meet don't know how to repair these failures, run back and forth to after-sales hold up a lot of time, when we encounter a few problems themselves we actually can completely solve, today is mainly tell everybody about chain saw no what should I do?
The chainsaw is not a common chainsaw failure, and the following is to solve the problem:

How long has the chainsaw been used?

This is very important, if it is just to use, so is probably boot method is not correct the chain saw flooded cylinder caused by fault, so don't be this kind of situation is more common.
Solving method is more simple, remove the spark plug, spark plug thumb lightly in mouth, pull a few times to start the handle and the discharge within the cylinder block extra fuel, dry the spark plugs and hold back, restart the chain saw.


Does the chainsaw pull the cylinder?

It is also very important, chain saw work in the morning, noon can't pull, you need us to lower down the pump, to see if the piston have scratches, drawing out first cylinder, if is a cylinder, cylinder needs to be replaced, to professional maintenance.

Troubleshooting for chainsaw.

Chain saw use for some time, fuel use is normal also, screen one by one according to the following steps: first, check the circuit, whether there is electric spark plug, the spark plug the top down on top of metal pull machine is can see any electrical spark plug.
Change the spark plug to start the test.

Second, check the oil path to see if the fuel filter is blocked, clean the oil filter or replace it, and start the test.

In addition, the high speed adjusting screw of carburetor is too high, which causes the carburetor not to be used for oil, so it can try to exit the high speed adjusting screw of the carburetor, and start the test.

If not, you need to remove the air filter, check that the air filter is clean, remove the carburetor, clean the carburetor or replace it.

Chainsaw maintenance method.

If you don't use a machine for a long time, always pour oil out of the tank.
Start the machine to burn the carburetor and cylinder.
In order to avoid the residual oil clogging carburetor, usually cleaning the air filter, the lubricating oil must be lubricated better.

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