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Bring up your knowledge! Common knowledge of oil saw

- Nov 02, 2018 -

Bring up your knowledge!
Common knowledge of oil saw

An abbreviation for oil saw, "gasoline chain saw" or "gasoline power saw", a power saw for cutting wood and materials. The cutting mechanism is a chain saw, and the power department is divided into gasoline engine, which is convenient to carry, easy to operate, but complicated to maintain and repair.
Today I'm going to tell you a little bit about the saw.

The characteristics of
1. The streamlined body is mainly designed with a flat rear handle, which is comfortable to hold and more user-friendly.
2. Adopting advanced technology, the whole machine has low noise and more smooth running sound.
3. Good safety, with straight handle and extra main handle, which can hold more firmly.
Use occasions
Used for forest cutting, timber making, tree cutting, timber building, railway sleepers sawing and other operations.
The product has many advantages such as high power, high cutting efficiency of small vibration saw and low cutting cost.
The vibration damping system of oil saw is made of spring and high strength rubber.
Sprocket form for the teeth, so that assembly chain more concise, convenient.
Good reliable electrical fire equipment, oil supply system using adjustable oil pump.
Super powerful krisp 9200 oil saw, can also be engaged in tree pruning, big wood harvesting, accident emergency.
Bring up your knowledge!
Common knowledge of oil saws


Two stroke mechanical fuel mix ratio

General two-stroke mechanical fuel mixture in turbine oil (including oil for two stroke engine oil), the ratio of the standard, turbine oil ratio of 25:1, depending on the usage, if not in use for a long time at high speed, can be appropriately increase concentration, if use frequently to keep high speed regulated, is due to lower concentration, put some more oil, guaranteeing the normal lubrication of the cylinder body internal moving parts, but should pay attention to remove the silencer, timely removal of carbon deposit in the exhaust duct, in order to avoid excessive carbon deposit into the cylinder block, cylinder.
Chainsaw use
1. Check the tension of the saw chain regularly. Please close the engine and put on protective gloves when checking and adjusting.
The proper tension is when the chain is hung below the guide plate, the chain can be pulled by hand.
2. There must always be a little oil spill on the chain.
Check the level of chain lubrication and lubricating oil tank before each operation.
The chain cannot work without lubrication. If the chain is dry, the cutting device will be damaged.
Never use old oil.
Old engine oil can not meet the lubrication requirements, not for chain lubrication.
Colop saw adopts imported orrigan chain, durable and strong.
4. If the oil level in the oil tank is not lowered, it may be the fault of lubrication transmission, the chain lubrication shall be checked and the oil path shall be checked.
Contamination through the filter can also lead to poor supply of lubricating oil, which should be cleaned or replaced in the oil tank and pump connection pipe.
5. After replacing and installing the new chain, the saw chain needs 2 to 3 minutes of running-in time. Check the tension of the chain after running-in.
In the cold state, the chain must stick to the lower part of the guide plate, but the chain can be moved on the upper guide plate by hand. If necessary, tighten the chain again. When reaching the working temperature, the chain expands slightly and saws sag.

6. The chain must be relaxed after work.
Chains will shrink as they cool, and unloosened chains will damage crankshaft and bearings.
If the chain is tensioned at work, it will shrink as it cools and damage the crankshaft and bearings.


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