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Can garden tools be Shared to consolidate urban greening achievements?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Can garden tools be Shared to consolidate urban greening achievements?


Hanjiang's cuidi has been landscaped for hundreds of meters, giving it a new look.
Although people used to come for morning walks, the stone chairs on flower island were all in disorder and even the railings rusted and cracked.
The crackdown by government, han jiang cui embankment of flower island, then, green all give a person pure and fresh and aesthetic feeling, can say it is a popular project and add a beautiful card to shantou landscape, the general public to applaud.

To protect flowers thrive on the island of flowers and trees, now there will be a electric hydraulic car every morning to the spraying, maintain the island's water is enough, everyone praised the advanced hydraulic car, good effect in high efficiency.

The author every morning from han jiang cui embankment to zhongshan park on foot, see han jiang cui embankment of hydraulic car so advanced science, and many trees in the jungle of the zhongshan park, there are a lot of due to insufficient manpower equipment can't is irrigated.
The author thinks that, if the water in han jiang cui embankment car, sprinkler irrigation can drive to zhongshan park, let no water irrigation jungle trees can get "timely rain", not can also make the trees here, such as the han jiang cui embankment green island as the wide spreading of trees, green green, more add feminine beauty, zhongshan park adds infinite joy to the general public?


In a word, garden mechanization replaces manpower labor, should be the direction that shantou garden enterprise, but because development is not balanced, or have first after, a few situations still not satisfactory.
If the potential of existing resources can be fully realized, all parties can mobilize the initiative through consultation to achieve good social effects for the development of public gardens.
The author expects relevant departments to work together and make greater contributions to the development of shantou garden.

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