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How can I make a wedding ice sculpture using a chainsaw?

- Jan 29, 2018 -

How can I make a wedding ice sculpture using a chainsaw?

You don’t want to try and learn this on a timetable. can be a fun hobby but many learn hauling up cheaper lake ice to practice on. I’m not an “ice carver” but I’ve had to machine and chainsaw a fair amount of ice.

Order a block of ice carving ice. Often carving and delivery is included. Some ice carvers even make a little show of it for your guests but that costs extra. Around here it’s 150–300$.

Moving 150kg/300lbs of ice is a skill in and of itself.

Cutting and shaping ice is fair skill, more so with a chainsaw as the saw is running without oil for the chain. One has to get the duty cycle right. Also the spoils can melt and slush up and clog the chain. Working outside of a freezer one is trying to beat the water clock that is a melting block of ice.

Then it’s the wisdom of when to pull out a chisel and when to pull out a propane torch.

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