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Chain saw, the forest workers of the Daxing forest call the mountain

- May 13, 2018 -

Chain saw, the forest workers of the Daxing forest "call the mountain"!

When I was a child, if do firewood in the home, will be the sound of the ring chain saw, I am always happy to see, listen, and other adults during the break I went to see the chain saw, that touch the touch.
Imitate adults sometimes play cut Ban child, once I use a big pot of boiling water when the chain saw, mouth to imitate the voice of the chain saw play old happy, put a few adults. Laughing their heads off

Greater Xing'an mountains forestry workers in the late 1940 s began to forestry production logging is hand saws, ecological use is artificial and horses and carry wood with shoulder poles and the device (read) hook, transport materials with horses and cattle sledge.
The production conditions of simple hard at that time, the efficiency is not high also, but the greater hinggan mountains of workers under the call of the party and the country, work enthusiasm is high, again painstakingly again tired, workers comrades also desperate.

Here, we're just talking about logging.
In the impression of the people, the cutting was used for the axe, I think, after Lu Ban invented the saw, cutting wood would not use the axe.
Chopping wood can be used with an axe, chopping wood with an axe, which is too inefficient.
Early logging is a "big belly" saw, which is about 2 meters long, with a blade width of 20 to 30 centimeters and a narrow middle width, which is called a "big belly" saw.
This saw two people make, interactive pull, "pull big saw, pull big saw" to come.
The two men were very efficient, but the logging was high, because the two men had a very hard sawn.
They gradually began to use the saw cutting bending traverse to the child, because "when bending" saw only need one job, saw installed on a corner with wooden handle, workers can squatting, sitting, kneeling logging, reduces the cutting height of the root, and flexible than "big belly" saw to carry and spread after logging efficiency improved.

In 1952, the Inner Mongolia daxinganling bureau of forestry was established, and began to explore the implementation of mechanical logging in the daxinganling forest region of Inner Mongolia.
The first was the Soviet friendship saws. I've heard of them before.
Later, the popular application was the type 051 high oil saw.
This kind of oil saw USES a single cylinder engine, the structure is simple and reliable, the technology also should be mainly from the Soviet union (own inference), then began the domestic production.
In addition to the mechanization of the logging, the chain saw high advantage lies more with the operator's vision, safety, logging can observe the cutting conditions, more suitable for the daxinanling forest region of logging.
After 70 s, in the 051 s gas-olinge, on the basis of our country to develop improved models GJ85, commonly known as "85", it absorbs the advantages of type 051 s gas-olinge shape structure, at the same time with higher technical index and structural parameters, power, speed is greatly increased.
The oil saw was used for the longest time in the forest area, and the forest workers still used the GJ85 oil saw when the natural forest was completely cut down in 2015.

On the full use of the chain saw is in implementation of mechanized operation era, at this moment the ecological using J50 tractor, loading using the winch, transportation using cars and trains, forest production and living has entered a new chapter, conditions began to gradually improve, the workers production and life, bit by bit construction in the new home.
However, the call to the hill was no longer in the mechanized production, because the oil saw, the J50's work voice was louder than all the noise, the mountain forest was noisy, lively.
Every era has a sign of The Times, I think, is when the chain saw with the increase throttle size that reduce the hiss, is better at that time on behalf of forestry production "shout mountain song," the voice of trademark.
At that time, there was a saying, "oil saw a ring, gold and two", forestry to the country to contribute wood, also enrich their own life, in the great hinggan mountains in the winter, workers also live a red fire.

After the natural forest has been stopped, the mountains are silent, and the principle of forest management is "green mountains are always used and sustainable".
Now, it is for the sake of the green mountains. After all, we still have to use it.
But at that time, the mountain, definitely not it.

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