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Chainsaw chain specifications and chainsaw chain maintenance

- Nov 26, 2018 -

Chainsaw chain specifications and chainsaw chain maintenance
The chainsaw guide plate and chain can be figuratively compared to the train and guide rail. The train runs smoothly and reaches the destination accurately, relying on the support and guidance of the guide rail.
Similarly, the smooth and high-speed chain movement along the straight line, but also rely on the support and guidance of the guide plate.
A chainsaw will not work without a chainsaw chain, which is an indispensable part of a chainsaw.
One, the composition of the chain saw
Saw chain is made up of left cutting teeth, right cutting teeth, middle guide teeth (also known as driving teeth) connecting pieces, rivets combination.
Two, chainsaw chain has several specifications?
There are three main specifications, saw chain parameters are mainly pitch, guide tooth thickness, cutter tooth shape.
1, pitch: the pitch of the saw chain, is the distance of 3 rivets divided by 2, and the sprocket pitch corresponding.
This includes 1/4, 0.325, 3/8 smaller, 3/8 larger, and 0.404 inches.
1 inch =25.4mm).
2. Middle guide tooth thickness: corresponding to the width of guide plate guide groove, including 0.043, 0.050, 0.058 and 0.063 (in inches);
1 inch =25.4mm).
3. Shape of cutter teeth: determine the smoothness of wood cutting, including rounded corners, right angles and arcs.
Three, saw chain matching
Saw chain and chain saw matches, basically see chain saw chain, guide plate length, guide head and guide in the form of the width of the groove, and must pitch of saw chain and sprocket, guide head gear (if there is a gear), the thickness of the sprocket teeth and guide groove, length and the guide pupil sprocket teeth and chain and guide plate is consistent with the space distance of the match, to be used.
The corep lawn mower USES the import original olligan chain, the quality is superior, the durable.
Chainsaw chain specifications what chainsaw chain maintenance


Four, chain saw repair file

The left and right teeth on the saw chain are cutting edge tools. After a period of use, the edge is blunt. In order to cut smoothly and keep the edge sharp, it is necessary to repair the file.
Notes for file repair:
1. Select round file suitable for repairing file and saw chain.
The cutting teeth, size and arc of various types of chain saw are different, and the circular file standard required for each type of chain chain is certain. There is detailed description in the manual, please pay attention to check.
2, pay attention to the direction and Angle of the file, file along the direction of the cutting edge forward, pull back to light, as far as possible, do not force back and forth, generally saw chain cutting edge Angle is about 30 degrees, at the same time the front high back low, Angle is about 10 degrees.
These angles vary according to the degree of softness of the sawing material and the usage habit of the sawing hand. At the same time, the symmetry of the left and right teeth should be paid attention to. If the deviation is too large, the sawing will run off and the sawing will slant.
3. Pay attention to the height of limit teeth.
Every front teeth protruding part of this is the limit of tooth, it is lower than the blade above 0.6-0.8 mm, each tooth cutting quantity every time so thick, fix the file of blade at the same time, attention should be paid to its height, blade repair file is more, if the tooth blade will become relatively high limit, each cutting quantity will be smaller, affect the cutting speed, if the edge below the limit of tooth again, can produce don't eat wood, not cutting, low limit of tooth repair file, every time each tooth cutting is too thick, is likely to lead to "Mr. Knife" and sawing.
Five, saw chain maintenance
Saw chain running speed is fast, take 3/8 saw chain as an example, the number of sprocket teeth is 7 teeth, the engine revolution in the case of 7000 revolutions/min, saw chain running speed is 15.56 meters per second.
The driving force of sprocket wheel and the reaction force during cutting are concentrated on the rivet shaft. The working condition is harsh and the wear is serious. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, the saw chain will be scrapped soon.
Maintenance is carried out from the following aspects:
1, often pay attention to lubricating oil;
2. Maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge and symmetry of the left and right teeth;
3, often adjust the tension of the chain saw, not too tight or too loose, adjust the chain saw, hand pull saw chain up, there is a guide tooth fully exposed guide plate groove can;
4, timely cleaning cleaning dirt from the guide slot and saw chain, because when the cutting plate and chain saws will wear, wear and tear down the iron filings and fine sand will accelerate wear, the gel on the trees, especially the grease of the pine tree, in the process of sawing, hot melt adhesive in saw chain makes each joint sealing, stiff, could not get the oil, not lubrication, will also accelerate the wear.
It is recommended that after daily use, remove the chain saw and soak it in kerosene for cleaning.
Chainsaw chain maintenance work can not be ignored, I hope that today said these can help you.
Had better not be greedy for cheap choice a few chain with bad quality, such affect the job instead, choose good chain to be able to adjust high working efficiency instead.

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