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Chainsaw oil and chain oil of choice chainsaw oil saving

- Dec 13, 2018 -

Chainsaw oil and chain oil of choice chainsaw oil saving
1. How to choose the fuel oil of the chainsaw and the fuel oil of the chainsaw?
Generally, unleaded gasoline over 90# is mixed with special two-stroke oil.


Youtuo oil is recommended to protect the smooth operation of the saw, extend the service life of the machine and reduce the probability of cylinder pulling.

Gasoline engine mixing ratio up to 25:1 must use two stroke dedicated oil.
Two, how to save oil saws?
1. Light oil saw (displacement less than 78) can save oil than heavy oil saw (displacement more than 78).
2, the new saw how to save oil.
Choose a good carburetor, under the same conditions, the saw oil consumption is high, adjust carburetor or change carburetor.
3, old saws how to save oil.
Generally this will have a gasoline filter and air filter.
Whether it is to save oil or oil saws should pay special attention, both to choose the right oil, but also as required to add the right proportion of oil, the correct operation can work better.

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