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Where did the gas powered chainsaw originate from?

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Where did the gas powered chainsaw originate from?

Dolmar - a German company, brought the out first gas powered portable chainsaw in 1927.

Chainsaws of one kind or another had been around in a variety of forms for some time, but until the Dolmar ones, most were very heavy and required several people to transport and operate them. The Dolmar model A still required two operators but it was possible to carry it into the woods and operate it in situ.

Model A


Dolmar also came out with the first 1 man operated “lightweight” chainsaw in 1952 the Dolmar model CP

Model CP


Dolmar still make chainsaws - but they’re owned by Makita now and in my opinion are nowhere near as good as Stihls or Huskys

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