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Have chainsaws ever been used as weapons in combat or warfare?

- Dec 30, 2017 -

Have chainsaws ever been used as weapons in combat or warfare?

I expect that you could possibly find a group of military engineers that were attacked and somebody used a chainsaw to defend themselves.  But this would have been a weapon of opportunity.  It would not be intended as a weapon.
Chainsaws make poor weapons.  While they cause a lot of damage to the enemy, they suffer many problems as weapons.

  • They are poorly balanced for fighting and very heavy.

  • They require fuel or power to operate.

  • They are noisy.

  • A mistake can severely damage the wielder.

  • Parrying with it can cause chain failure.

  • Chain failure can injure the wielder.

  • Most failures make the chainsaw ineffective as a weapon.

  • They are only effective in melee fighting.

Most modern soldiers rarely get into hand-to-hand fighting.  When they do, they usually use a knife or bayonet.  With all of the gear they need to carry, carrying a 10-15 pound chainsaw, plus a case to keep it from getting fouled, plus protective gear, plus extra fuel, plus maintenance tools is a poor use of weight.

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