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Characteristics of mowing and irrigation mower the use of mowing and cutting machine

- Nov 19, 2018 -

Characteristics of mowing and irrigation mower the use of mowing and cutting machine
Mowing and irrigation machine is a kind of garden machinery, which is used for clearing woodland, fostering young forest, rebuilding secondary forest and cutting forest to cut shrubs, weeds, pruning branches, cutting small path wood and cutting bamboo.
It is equipped with a number of replaceable additional devices or equipment, which can also be used for harvesting crops such as rice and wheat, pumping water, drilling holes and spraying pesticides.
The development of mowing machine is closely related to the development of small power machines.
Characteristics of mowing and irrigation mower the use of mowing and cutting machine


Features of the mower

It is characterized by flat work, simple operation and strong cutting ability for the objects needed, and it is suitable for high-yielding meadows and large parks.
Lawnmower relies on the relative shear movement of the cutter on the cutter to cut grass, which is characterized by neat stubble cutting, low power required, but poor adaptability to forage, easy to block, and suitable for the operation of flat natural and artificial grassland.
Production began in the mid-1980s with rotary lawn mowers.
Cut grass by the impact of a blade on a high-speed rotary cutter.
With the improvement of science and technology, the newly improved lawn mower products have improved their working capacity and speed greatly, saving the working time of the weeder and saving a lot of human resources, such as the corep lawn mower.
Use of cutting irrigation machine
General safety measures
1. Indoor use is prohibited;
2. Keep the safe distance from flammable articles no less than 1 meter;
3. When refueling, smoking is prohibited, the engine must be stopped and gasoline overflow is prohibited;
4. Wear protective glasses and protective equipment at work, and use the shoulder belt. If there is any fracture, crack and bend, it must not be used, nor can it be used without protective cover;
5. Before using, remove hard objects such as stones from the ground, more than 1.5 meters away from people and animals;
Keep your hands and feet away from the machine before turning and stopping.
Check before operation
1. Check the fuel surface from outside the fuel tank. If the fuel surface is low, add fuel to the upper limit.
The fuel oil is prepared by the mixture ratio of unleaded gasoline and two-stroke engine oil 25:1.
2. Check the filth of the air filter element; if any, clean it;
3. Check the free space of the throttle cable at the end, and check the smooth operation of the throttle handle;
4. Check whether the installation nut of the blade is loose, and tighten the nut if necessary;
Check whether the blade is cracked, nicked, bent and worn, and replace it in time if necessary;
5. Check whether the guard is loose, and tighten the safety bolts of the guard if necessary;
Check whether the cover is damaged, if necessary, to replace the Quan.
6. Pull up the release lever and check whether the hook is released. Put the hook in position.
Characteristics of mowing and irrigation mower the use of mowing and cutting machine


ii. Operation procedures

1. During the operation of cutting grass with the cutting head, it should be guaranteed that the cutting head nylon rope extends 5-10cm outside of the cutting head. If it is too long, the service life of the petrol engine will be affected due to the heavy load, and the destruction of the cutting board will be formed;
If too short, it will lower compliance.
2. After the nylon rope wear becomes shorter, in the normal operation process, the nylon rope can be stretched out by quietly touching the straw head in the air. If the length is not enough, it can be repeatedly touched several times until the nylon rope length is 5-10cm.
When the nylon ropes are used up, you can disassemble the straw head and attach the new nylon ropes to the rope wheel.
3. When cutting the grass with the blade, do not insert the whole blade into the grass. For ordinary lawn, insert half of the diameter of the blade into the grass.
4. When cutting shrubs with the blade, ordinary shrubs should stop cutting along the periphery of the shrub in the uniform water space. When cutting coarser shrubs, a cut should be made on the direction surface where the shrub falls, with a depth of about 1/3 of the diameter of the shrub, and then cut the shrub off from the other side of the shrub.
Such cutting not only ensures that the blade will not be caught in the cutting process, but also controls the direction of the bush fall.
Four, maintenance
1. Before using the mower, check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales of the oil gauge.
2. The oil should be replaced 5 hours after the use of the new machine. The oil should be replaced again 10 hours after the use.
3. The oil change should be carried out when the engine is in the state of heat engine.
The filling oil cannot be too much, otherwise there will be: heavy black smoke, lack of power (excessive cylinder carbon accumulation, small spark plug gap), overheating of the engine and other phenomena.
4. The filling oil should not be too little, otherwise it will appear: the engine gear noise is big, the piston ring is accelerated wear and damage, and even the phenomenon of lavage, causing serious engine damage.
Pay attention to safety when using.
So, check, check.
5. Remove spark plug, clean carbon accumulation, and measure (electrode) gap between 0.6 and 0.7 mm;
6. Overhaul the fuel filter and clean the fuel tank to pour out the engine fuel, take out the filter and gently clean it;
Remove moisture and dirt from the fuel tank;
7. Check the radiators through the hood to see if they are dirty.
8. Check the fuel pipe and replace it in time if it is aging or leaking.

9. Timely replace blades and nylon plates.

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