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Common faults and troubleshooting of cutting irrigation machines

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Common faults and troubleshooting of cutting irrigation machines

Lawn is an essential part of our landscaping, but how can we make our lawns beautiful and tidy?
So cutting irrigation machine is essential, many people will ask this cutting irrigation machine in the use of the process of failure how to do it?
Now let's talk about how to troubleshoot the irrigation machine.


Common faults and troubleshooting of cutting irrigation machine:

1. Severe vibration

The reason:

(1) the blade is bent or worn out of dynamic balance;

(2) bending of crankshaft due to impact;

(3) the connecting tool is damaged, causing the blade to rotate relative to the crankshaft, causing imbalance;

(4) loosening of engine fixing screws;

(5) damage to the engine base;

(6) the blade strikes a hard object.

2. The effect of collecting grass is not good

(1) the collection bag has not been cleaned after long-term use, resulting in uncleanness and breathlessness of the collection bag.

(2) the straw vent has not been cleaned for a long time.

(3) the blade is worn excessively, and the blade cannot collect grass.

(4) engine wear, excessive power loss and low blade rotation speed lead to poor grass collection effect;

(5) uneven distribution of grass caused by uneven distribution of grass.

Common failure of cutting irrigation machine and the elimination of cutting irrigation machine two stroke and four stroke which good?
3. The engine is not stable

Reason: the throttle is in the maximum position and the damper is in the open state.
Loose spark plug thread;
Water and dirt enter the fuel system;
Air filters are too dirty;
Improper adjustment of carburetor;
Engine screw loose: engine crankshaft bent.

Elimination method: lower the throttle switch: press the outside line of spark plug firmly;
Clean the tank and refill the fuel;
Clean air filter or replace filter element;
Reconditioning carburetor;
Check the engine screw after extinguishing: correct crankshaft or replace new shaft.

The engine won't shut down

Reason: the installation position of the valve line on the engine is appropriate;
Fracture of oil gate line;
The throttle is not sensitive;
No contact with the flameout line.

Exclusion method: reinstall the valve line;
Replace the new valve line;
Dribble a small amount of oil into the throttle position;
Check or replace taps.


It won't start in spring

If the poor maintenance after winter cannot start in spring, the reasons and countermeasures are as follows:

(1) it may be that the oil in the tank has not been fully discharged in the first year, so check whether the fuel oil is qualified fresh oil;

(2) its function is to send a pulse high voltage electric discharge from a high voltage wire (the nozzle wire), to break through the air between the two electrodes of the spark plug, and to generate an electric spark to ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder.
Many idle speed instability, jitter, poor acceleration, insufficient power, frequent idle speed self-extinguishing phenomenon, oil and gas consumption increased.
This is due to the damage of spark plugs.
If the spark plug is dirty, it can be cleaned and seriously damaged. The same type of accessories should be replaced.
If the ignition is not possible, the spark plug electrode gap can be adjusted, 0.6-0.9mm in winter and 0.9-1.0mm in other seasons.

(3) if it is said that the gasifier was not burnt out before it was stopped last year, the gasifier should be cleaned (it must be cleaned by professionals);

(4) send it to the professional shop for maintenance.

6. The muffler emits blue smoke

Reason: oil burns.

Troubleshooting: after finding the fault, check the oil gauge to see if the oil is excessive.
If excessive, remove the excess oil and run for another 10 minutes.
If the fault has not been eliminated, the engine needs to be serviced.

7. Weak mowing

Remove the empty filter and clean it. If not, replace it.
Check that the blade is sharp and needs to be polished if it is blunt.
In addition, whether the lawn is long and dense, if so, the size of the lawn shears should be increased to reduce the load of the engine.

Common failure of cutting irrigation machine and the elimination of cutting irrigation machine two stroke and four stroke which good?


8. Pull rope bounces off when starting

Early ignition timing is the cause of the fault.
This is usually because the blade hits a hard object when cutting grass, causing the flywheel key to be cut.
At this point, the faulty machine should be serviced.

9. The self-propelled clutch is easy to wear

In the process of using the hob mower, because the operator does not work according to the operation rules, it often controls the self-walk by clicking, thus increasing the wear of the clutch plate and finally making the self-walk dissociation fail, so the hob mower must adjust the handle in place once in the course of using.

10. The lawn mower didn't clear the grass properly

Reason: the engine speed is too low, the grass is blocked, the grass humidity is too high, the grass is too long, too dense, the blade is not sharp.

Elimination method: clear the grass accumulated in the mower, cut the lawn after water is dry, cut it in two or three times, cut only 1/3 of the length of the mower each time, and sharpen the blade.

11. Overheating and damage

The skirt is white or light gray, and the surface of porcelain tube is loose and uplifted in severe cases.
The electrode was obviously ablated, and there was a circle of ablative on the proximal end of the central electrode, and there were nodular particles sticking.
But gas is too thin, spark plug heat value is low or air leakage, ignition is too early or gasoline engine overheat, can cause overheat burn loss.

12. Accumulated carbon pollution damage

It is recommended to hire professional maintenance personnel to repair each mower every year before the first mowing.
The main items of maintenance include: cleaning the carburetor, cleaning the carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber, checking whether the high-voltage line is unimpeded, whether the gear box is working normally, etc.

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