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Common faults and troubleshooting of lawn mower

- Nov 06, 2018 -

Common faults and troubleshooting of lawn mower
The invention of the lawn mower reduces working time and reduces the output of labor force. Today's common lawn mower is gasoline mower, which is widely used for mowing and beautifying the grass in the parks, green belts, factory lawns, golf courses, home gardens, meadows, orchards and other places.
1. The motor of the mower is not running smoothly
The throttle is at its maximum position and the damper is open.
Loose spark plug thread;
Water and dirt get into the fuel system;
The air filter is too dirty;
Improper carburetor adjustment;
Engine fixed screw loose;
The engine cranks.
Elimination: down throttle switch;
Press the spark plug outside line;
Clean the tank and add clean fuel again.
Clean the air filter or replace the filter core;
Resetting carburetor;
Check engine mounting screws after extinguishing;
Calibrate the crankshaft or replace it with a new one.


2. The motor of the lawn mower cannot be extinguished
The oil gate line is installed properly on the engine;
Break of oil gate line;
Throttle activity is not sensitive;
Do not touch the extinguishing line.
Elimination method: reinstall the oil door line;
Replace the oil gate line;
Put a small amount of oil into the moving position of the throttle;
Check or replace the flameout line.
3. Poor effect of collecting grass
(1) the collection bag has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in poor collection of grass due to uncleanness and airtight;
(2) the grass gate will not be cleaned for a long time, and the grass accumulation will block the grass gate, resulting in poor grass arrangement;
(3) excessive blade wear makes blade unable to collect grass;
(4) the engine wear, excessive power loss and low rotating speed of blade lead to poor effect of herbage collection;
(5) the grassland is not flat, resulting in poor grass arrangement.
4, the lawn mower is not good at weeding
Too low engine speed;
Grass accumulation plug the grass mouth;
Excessive moisture in grassland;
The grass is too long and dense.
The blade is not sharp.
Elimination method: clear the grass in the mower;
The lawn has water to dry before mowing.
Cut twice or three times, each time only one third of the length of mowing;
Polish the blade to sharpen it.
5. Severe shock
This phenomenon may occur for several reasons:
(1) when the blade is bent or worn, it loses dynamic balance;
(2) bending of crankshaft due to impact;
(3) the blade is damaged, causing the blade to rotate relative to the crankshaft, causing imbalance;
(4) loose engine fixing screws;
(5) engine base damage;
(6) the blade hits the hard object.


6. Inability to cut grass
Remove the empty filter and clean it. If it cannot be cleaned, replace it.
Check if the blade is sharp and if it is blunt, polish it.
In addition, if the lawn has thick and thick leaves, if so, the size of the grass shearing should be increased to reduce the load of the engine.
7. Overheating damage
Skirt dry white or light gray, when the surface of the porcelain tube has partial loose bulges.
The electrode was obviously ablated, and there was a circle of ablations at the proximal end of the central electrode, and the nodular particles adhered to it.
Excessive fuel gas, low spark plug calorific value or air leakage, premature ignition or petrol engine overheating will lead to overheating burning loss.
8. The pull rope bounces when starting
Early ignition timing is the cause of the fault.
Usually, the flywheel key is cut because the blade hits the stiffener while cutting the grass.
The machine should be repaired at this time.
9. Self-walking clutch plate is easy to wear
In the process of using the hob mower, since the operator does not operate according to the operation rules, it often controls the self-walking by clicking, which increases the wear of the clutch plate and finally makes the self-moving and self-breaking failure. Therefore, the hob mower must adjust the self-walking handle to the right position at one time.
Blue smoke comes from muffler
The above fault is caused by the engine oil participating in the combustion. If the fault is found, check the oil ruler first to see if the oil is excessive.
If excessive, remove excess oil and run for 10 minutes.
If the fault has not been removed, the engine needs to be overhauled.

You must do regular maintenance to the mower to reduce the occurrence of various failures.
In addition, if the lawn mower failure can not be solved by itself, must contact the after-sale processing.

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