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Common problem of chainsaw carburetor and how to select brand of chainsaw?

- Apr 12, 2018 -

Common problem of chainsaw carburetor and how to select brand of chainsaw?

We have already talked about the adjustment of the chainaw carburetor. Today, it is mainly about the other problems of the chainsaw carburetor and how to select the brand of chainsaw.I think everybody wants that good chainsaw, but so many brands don't know how to choose, today small make up for everybody to analyze.

1. Gasoline saw a new carburetor to fill the tank?

May be the chainsaw when the oil pipe or the installation of dirty things flow into the carburetor, the needle valve stuck, leading to high oil level!The carburetor needs to be removed!Don't assume that the new ones don't need to be washed, and there's a tiny little hair in the tubing that can cause the needle valve to fail.

2. What is the effect of negative pressure tube on the chainsaw carburetor?

The working principle of chainsaw carburetor is:

When hand pushing the oil bubble, single valve outlet air from the oil resistant rubber, back to the fuel tank, again from the tank of air flow discharge, rubber cover began to recover at the same time, to produce negative pressure, rubber cover shaped cavity suction hole inhale, quantitative chamber rubber skin sucked in urban edge, compression spring, the valve stem oil valve lift, oil gas began to flow into the tubing at this moment, the oil pump rooms filtered into quantitative room, single valve shunts after copper collar, in part by the idle speed screw adjusting control of the bore idle speed, low speed, a spray gasoline.The other part enters the main jet hole controlled by the high speed screw, can appear more atomized gasoline;You can start the engine when you close the choke.

Engine work, carburetor oil pump room has a side back to porosity, the pass-through crankcase, when crankshaft around a circle, as the piston moves up and down, the gases in the piston in and out of the pores, even following the carburetor oil pump chamber diaphragm vibration.Due to the effect of air flow, accelerated the feed velocity, accelerate the speed of oil, and at the same time start the quantitative chamber diaphragm vibration, the vibration of the quantitative chamber diaphragm compression reeds, carburetor start oil absorption, shunt, injection.


3. After the gasoline saw, it can't start. What is the reason for it to start after a while?

There may be gas in the tubing!Don't use up the oil before you know it!

4. How to choose the chainsaw brand when buying chainsaw?

For different users, when choosing chain saw we often need to be continuously measured and compared, need never the same model, type and brand of chain saw, find superior performance, quality guaranteed, and cost-effective chain saw.The brand is definitely worth every consumer to measure the important standard.Although the current diversity of chain saw as consumers we brought rich choice, but not every brand chain saw can be from the perspective of their own needs of users, to meet the demand for many consumers to provide quality services.

Nowadays, with the constant progress of science and technology development, a variety of advanced technology and equipment is widely used in our daily life and production, including the development of the chain saw in a long time also obtained in the process of constantly improve and progress, which caused many customers and praise.The current saws not only meet the needs of consumers in terms of performance, but also have a good reputation and evaluation of many users in logging and making materials.Because of this, as more and more consumers know and understand the degree of chain saw deepened, many users need to measure the standard when choosing chain saw more and more, the brand was able to cause the attention of the masses of users and seriously, because it is the guarantee of chain saw, performance, quality and price, is also a chain saw manufacturers guarantee of mould good brand image.

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