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Common tools and safety measures used for tree reconstructive and pruning

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Common tools and safety measures used for tree reconstructive and pruning


(1) common tools for garden tree shaping and pruning

Pruning: for 3, 4cm below branches.

Bamboo scissor: used to trim twigs high in trees.
Hand saw: used to saw branches that do not count as very thick.

Stationary saw: used for cutting thick branches.

Waste saw: to cut thick branches and branches.

A small high branch saw used to cut loose branches on high places

1/2 flat shears: for trimming the hedge.

Common tools and safety measures used for tree reconstructive and pruning
(2) safety measures for plastic and pruning of garden trees

Precision tools should be kept sharp during trimming.
Prepare the protective equipment, tree climbing equipment and ladder, and carefully check the flexibility of each component before use to see if it is loose and avoid accidents.
Fasten the safety rope when tree operation.

Scarlet had better wear soft bottom rubber shoes, to the tree pruning, to prevent damage to the bark, disease.

(3) if someone is in a tree or high bench cut at the same time, do not have other member under the tree for other operation, passing people also want to note that in case of branch authority be saw falls, because of the larger or accidentally drop saw, cut branches, unnecessary personal casualties.

In pruning of large crown trees, use high stools as much as possible to reduce the frequency of ascending trees so as to protect the bark from imperfection and to protect all types of branches from damage.
After cutting a big tree, check it again so that you can spot and correct any faults in the pruning.
For large branches or individual plants that remain in spring rescissor, mark them.

Rinsed branches, dead branches, etc. cut off must be cleaned to prevent diseases and pests.

People with high blood pressure and heart disease are not allowed to go up trees and operate in poor weather.


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