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Daily maintenance of oil saw

- Nov 01, 2018 -

Daily maintenance of oil saw

Oil saw is commonly used in China, especially in northeast forest region, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, reliable work and durability.
The main maintenance methods of oil saw are as follows:
1. Daily maintenance:
(1) clean the dust and oil on the outside of the oil saw after daily work.
Clean the air filter screen.
(2) clean and file the chain, store it in the lubricating oil, and clean up the sawdust in the guide plate groove.
(3) remove the sawdust and dirt between fan air filter and radiator, and ensure the cooling air is free.
(4) inspect the oil path, eliminate oil leakage and gas leakage, and add fuel.
(5) check all fastening screws and screw.


2. 50-hour maintenance:
(1) complete daily maintenance projects.
(2) clean the fuel tank and machine oil tank with gasoline, and check the oil pipe and filter screen.
Discharge the sediment from the carburetor.
(3) remove the spark plug, remove the carbon deposit with a copper wire brush, and then clean.
Check and adjust spark plug gap.
Sealing gasket must be installed when installing spark plug.
(4) check platinum contact status and gap.
Contact burns should be corrected with platinum file to keep clean and level.
If the gap is not right, adjust it.
(5) remove the duct and cylinder cover of the air hood and remove the sawdust between the inner part and the radiator.
Clean the clutch, clear the muffler carbon.
(6) add grease to the reducer to keep it 30 to 50 grams frequently.
Inject 8-10 g oil into the oil injection hole behind the drive sprocket.
(7) remove the dual-mode carburetor, check and clean the single inlet valve, and replace it if there is any damage.
(8) remove the fan wind wheel with special tools and check whether the platinum base plate screw is loose.


3. 100 hours maintenance:
(1) finish the 50-hour maintenance project.
(2) remove all carburetors and clean them.
(3) remove the cylinder to remove carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber, piston, piston ring, exhaust port, etc.
Do not use a spatula to remove carbon deposits to avoid damaging the metal surface.
Check the inner wall of the cylinder for wear and tear.
(4) clean the inside of the crankcase.
(5) remove the muffler and wash it in water with caustic soda.
(6) clean the clutch needle roller bearing and the inner roller needle bearing of the starter, and add grease.
In addition, if you do not use the machine for a long time in the future, you must remember to put the oil in the tank out, start the machine to burn the carburetor and cylinder oil, so as to avoid oil residue plug the carburetor.
Usually clean air filters, lube must be used to lubricate better.

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