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Disassembly and maintenance of saw spark plug

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Disassembly and maintenance of saw spark plug

With many advantages, such as high power, small vibration saw, high cutting efficiency and low logging cost, oil saw products have become the leading machinery for hand-held logging in forest areas in China.
Today I'd like to tell you about the disassembly and maintenance of the saw spark plug and other problems encountered in the use of the saw.


There is a hexagonal matron in the groove of the saw spark plug and the insulating ceramic, which can be disassembled and installed with a 19MM bent handle sleeve.
Because the oil saw USES mixed gasoline, the spark plug is more likely to accumulate carbon than other pure gasoline power spark plug. The oil saw spark plug should be maintained regularly to ensure the oil saw works normally.
Chain saw the spark plug if carbon deposition, should put the spark plug into gasoline with a clean brush MAO carbon deposit, or with sand paper or a hard metal scrape off the carbon electrodes, avoid by all means directly with fire barbecue, though it looks like can remove carbon deposition, but barbecue directly with long time can cause chain saw the spark plug other parts out of the question, to reduce the service life of the spark plug.

It's easy to remove the spark plug with a "spark plug sleeve" wrench.
It is very important to install, do not twist the spark plug too tight, too tight to hurt the screw on the cylinder cover, especially the aluminum cylinder cover.
When installing, hold the spark plug sleeve in your hand, tighten the spark plug, and then tighten 1/4 turn with the socket wrench.
If no spark plug gasket, but has the installation of the cone type, due to the spark plug steel body direct contact to touch the cylinder body, so can only be used after hand twist wrench precession 1/16 circle again, not only cause harm to the cylinder block.


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