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Do you know anything about the use of a hedge trimmer?

- May 09, 2018 -

Do you know anything about the use of a hedge trimmer?

There may be a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the hedge machine, but if you tell you it's a trimmer, then most people will probably get it.
Hedgerows are also known as green hedges, which are used as a kind of machine for pruning flowers and trees. They are suitable for the pruning of tea leaves, parks, gardens, roadside hedges and other landscaping.
Generally speaking, the hedgerow machine is to rely on the small gasoline engine to drive the blade cutting rotation, at present the green hedgerows separate blade green hedgerow, double-edged hedge machine.
The structure of the hedge machine consists of a petrol tank -- an oil road system;
Magneto - circuit system;
Engine - power system, exhaust pipe, gear box, chain saw blade, etc.
If you have a large number of trees and flowers in your household, you can have a hedge machine, which is also very convenient to use.

1. Before the use of the hedge machine, it should pay more attention to the transmission, cutting tool and power.

1. Transmission: regular (25 hours) supplementary grease.

2. Cutting tools: check the clearance of the upper and lower edges regularly (25 hours), and adjust timely (the interval is the interval between the bolts), and keep the cutting edge sharp.
For each hour of work, add oil to the blade and trim the diameter < =10mm.

3. Engine:

(1) qualified gasoline and oil, ensuring that the mixing ratio is 25:1;

(2) regularly (25 hours) check and replace the air filter for spark plug;

(3) after each case of oil, take a 10-minute break and clean up the machine after each work to ensure the heat dissipation;

(4) in storage, the body must be cleaned, mixed fuel is released, and the fuel in the carburetor is burned.
Remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml two-stroke oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2 to 3 times, and install the spark plug.

Do you know anything about the use of a hedge machine?

Matters concerning the use of fuel.

(1) if there is no fuel in the process, it is necessary to stop the engine first and confirm that there is no fireworks around.

(2) if the fuel is touched when refueling, it is necessary to clean the attached fuel before starting the engine.

(3) do not smoke when working or refueling.

(4) seal the container after refueling, and start the engine at a place more than 3 meters away from the fuel container.

(5) the fuel used in the engine of the hedge trimmer is a mixture of motor oil and gasoline, which is flammable.
Please do not refuel or store fuel in incinerators, burners, stoves, etc.

3. Precautions before construction.

(1) before starting the operation, carefully check the parts of the body, and then start the operation after confirming that there is no screw loose, oil leakage, damage or deformation.
In particular, the blade and blade connection should be carefully checked.

(2) before starting the work, it is necessary to clarify the condition of the scene (terrain, the nature of the hedge, the position of the obstacle, the danger around it, etc.) to remove the obstacles that can be moved.

(3) please use the sharpened blade.

(4) confirm that the blade is not broken, cracked and bent before being used.
You should never use an unusual blade.

(5) after tightening the screw, turn the blade to check whether there is fluctuation or abnormal sound.
If there is a fluctuation, it may cause abnormal vibration or loosen the fixed part of the blade.

(6) take the operator as the center and the radius within 15 meters is a dangerous area. To prevent others from entering the area, you should enclose or set up a wooden card to signal the warning.
In addition, when several people work at the same time, they should greet each other from time to time and maintain a certain safe distance.

(7) when grinding the blade, it is necessary to file the tooth root into an arc to prevent the blade from falling apart.

4. The problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of the hedge trimmers.

(1) please read the instruction manual carefully before using, and make sure of the performance of the machine and the use of attention.

(2) the purpose of the hedge trimmer is to trim hedges and shrubs. To avoid accidents, please do not use them for other purposes.

(3) the hedgerow trimmer is a cutting knife of high-speed reciprocating motion, which is dangerous if it is not operated correctly.
So do not use a hedge trimmer when you are tired or uncomfortable, after taking cold medicine or after drinking.

(4) the gases emitted by the engine contain harmful carbon monoxide.
Therefore, do not use a hedge trimmer in an indoor, greenhouse or tunnel.

(5) please do not use any of the following situations.


1. For the first time, please ask the experienced person to guide the usage of the hedge machine before the actual operation can be started.

When the weather is bad (rain, wind, thunder, etc.)

3. Due to heavy fog or nighttime, it is difficult to confirm the safety around the job site.

4. Minors are not allowed to use hedge trimmers.

5. Slippery at the foot and difficult to maintain stable operation posture.

6, fatigue will reduce attention, thus become the cause of the accident, don't make the work plan is too nervous, continuous operation time can't more than 30 to 40 minutes every time, then there should be 10 to 20 minutes of time to rest, a day of work time should be limited within two hours.

Do you know anything about the use of a hedge machine?

V. labor protection articles used in the use of hedges.

1. Please do not wear baggy trousers or bare feet, sandals, sandals, etc.

2. When using the hedge machine, wear clothes suitable for outdoor work and wear the following protective equipment:

Work cap (wear a helmet when working on a slope). Wear long hair to protect it.

Dust goggles or face shield;

Wear sturdy, hard labor gloves;

Slippery, sturdy shoes;

Earplugs (especially for long hours).

3. Please be sure to bring the following items:

Machine accessory tools and steel file, suitable for hedge trimmer using alternate fuels, replace the blade, assignments marked appliances (rope,'re), whistle (joint operation or use in case of emergency), machetes, hand saw, to remove obstacles to use)

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