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Do you want to be a farmer in the future?

- Mar 06, 2018 -

Do you want to be a farmer in the future?

Absolutely I do.

I’ve been raised on a farm since I was very little, and farming and raising animals has been in my blood, so to speak, from way back, going back several generations to my great, great, great grand-folks, from when they came over to Canada or the United States from Sweden, Scotland, Belgium…

I have no plans of what exactly I’m going to be doing because I know, from a religious perspective, that if I tell the Lord my plans I’ll just make him laugh. Things change over time, so I can only hope and work towards what I think, vaguely, I should be doing, or want to do.

Like, the fact that I want to go back raising cattle again. I miss that a lot.

And I want to try my hand at raising other stock like maybe pigs, maybe chickens, and probably sheep; goats are really really iffy because of the stories I’ve heard of how much mischief they tend to get into!! (Especially if I want to keep a garden and have some flowers around…. Yeah.)

But I want to raise my animals not in confinement, but rather as some kind of management-intensive grazing programme so that I’m taking care of the soil and encouraging a diversity of plants in my pastures.

I love plants, can’t you tell? And I really like legumes.

I have a couple more things I would like to try to dabble with that is more regenerative-agriculture type and holistic management type than what’s being practiced now conventionally.

One thing is for sure: I don’t want to be the type having to go into debt to get the latest, fanciest and techiest machinery that I actually don’t need. I’m not completely mechanically-inclined, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know the difference between a socket wrench and a screwdriver: Not that screwed to not be able to learn to fix something that needs fixing.

But I don’t want a shit-load of machinery around that I won’t even use that will just sit and rust and depreciate in value. If I can hire something out be done, merely because it’ll be a one-time deal, so much the better.

Now, I do have access to land already from my parents operation (now rented out to the neighbours), so I could use that, but it would take a bit of work to get it better than what it is now.

But I think even if I buy land elsewhere, I will still have a similar problem, regardless if it’s a hay or pasture land, or crop land, with finding a way to heal the land and make it better than it has been. The problems I’ve been seeing with how soil has been degraded is very, very widespread.

So I have some plans, but nothing is set in stone. I continually hope and pray, though, that I will get the opportunity to be a farmer (or rancher!) for a few decades of my life on this planet.

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