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Electric chainsaw how to maintain

- Nov 24, 2017 -

The use of electric drill should pay attention to what matters between the chain and the guide plate is not too tight, electric chain saw work, 10 minutes last oil, not only can maintain the guide also can maintain the chain. At the same time, the electric chain saw variable box also last year, yellow glycerin, the motor should often change carbon brush, about six months for a change.

The following conditions are not allowed to operate electric chainsaw.

When someone is near

2, building auxiliary staff to withdraw before the safe area;

3, the original layout of the operating area unstable;

4, the light is not sufficient;

5, rainy days, the wind is greater than 5 and lightning when the open space;

6, no chain protection device and rebound protection device, or device damage.

1) The diameter of the drill should not exceed the allowable diameter of the drill.

2) The drill bit must be clamped with a key, not allowed to hit the drill chuck with other tools.

3) When drilling force is not allowed too much, to prevent the motor overload. If you find that speed reduction, should immediately cut off the power check.

4) sporadic pieces must be firmly fixed in the fixture.

5) Do not wear gloves.

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