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Electric tools and dry goods! And look at the use of saw oil products

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Electric tools and dry goods!
And look at the use of saw oil products


1. Gasoline can only use unleaded gasoline over 90.
When gasoline is added, the cover and sides of the tank must be cleaned before refueling to prevent sundries from entering the tank.
The high branch saw should be placed in a flat place so that the tank cover is facing up.
Don't let the petrol spill out when filling the tank. Don't fill the tank too full.
Be sure to tighten the cap of the tank with your hands after refueling.

2. The engine oil can only use high-quality two-stroke engine oil to ensure a long service life of the engine, never use the ordinary four-stroke engine.
When using other two stroke engine oil, its model should reach tc grade quality.
Poor quality gasoline or oil can damage the engine, seal ring, oil channel and fuel tank.

3. Mixture ratio of gasoline and engine oil: the two-stroke engine oil specially used for high-branch saw engine is 1:50, that is, 1 part of engine oil plus 50 parts of gasoline;
Use other tc grade engine oil at 1:25, i.e. 1 part engine oil plus 25 parts gasoline.
The mixing method is to pour the oil into a fuel tank which is allowed to be filled with fuel.
Gasoline engine oil mixture will age, the general configuration is not more than a month of use.
Special attention should be paid to avoid direct contact between gasoline and the skin, and to avoid breathing the volatile gas from gasoline.

4. Use high quality chainsaw chain lubricating oil to keep the lubricating oil not lower than the oil level to reduce the wear of chain and saw teeth.
Due to the chain saw lubricating oil will completely discharge into the environment, ordinary lubricating oil is a petroleum base, non-biodegradable, will pollute the environment, suggest to use biodegradable environmental protection oil chain saw, many developed countries have a hard and fast rules about this matter to avoid the pollution of the environment.

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