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Enter the main barrier of garden industry

- Mar 28, 2018 -

Enter the main barrier of garden industry

1) technical barriers

Garden tool is a kind of industry that needs to use mechanical design, mechanical automation, material science, internal combustion engine and so on.Consumers in the safety of products, portable, environmental protection, service life, operating comfort, aesthetics, such as put forward higher request, this makes the garden tools manufacturers need to have strong ability of industrial design and development.In addition, due to domestic garden tools industry is given priority to with ODM custom business, the business is a customer request performance, appearance and so on, manufacturers according to the needs of the rapid design, development, confirmed by the customer rear can put into production.This requires a group of experienced r&d teams and engineering technicians to meet the needs of rapid design, development and production.For potential industry entrants, it is difficult to master the r&d and manufacturing technology of garden tools in a short time, so there are high technical barriers in the industry.As domestic and foreign consumers pay more and more attention to safety and environmental protection, the demand for automation technology is higher and higher, and the technical threshold of the industry will be improved.

(2) product certification barrier.

Because garden tools are dangerous in use, the garden tools must pass strict safety certification at home and abroad before entering the market.In the domestic sales of the products need to pass 3 c safety certification, and about to enter the eu market, the north American market sales of products to be certified by CE, GS, ETL certification and other safety certification.In addition, for the gasoline power products to be sold in the European Union market and North America market, we also need to pass the environmental certification such as European emission certification and EPA emission certification.The above safety certification and environmental certification have created high barriers to entry for potential entrants.

(3) market marketing and after-sales service network barriers.

The marketing channel is the link between the production enterprise and the downstream customers, and the good marketing channel is one of the core competitiveness of the enterprise.Garden tools sales divided into domestic and export, sale in domestic market mainly distributor mode to carry out, after years of development, garden tools manufacturers and distributors have established stable cooperative partnership, and with the constant improvement of the end user to quality requirements, all dealers want to be able to sell with good brand awareness and reputation of the product;Export mainly by large vendors (including brands, importers, large supermarkets, etc.) sales, and large businesses abroad puts forward very high requirements on domestic production enterprises, production enterprises should not only meet the requirements of industry base, still need to pass the strict qualification certification.These qualification certification programs include the production capacity, design and research and development capability, quality control ability, social responsibility performance and operation status of enterprises.Domestic enterprises can only be qualified as their suppliers through their qualification certification.Once the partnership is established, large merchants will not easily change suppliers to ensure the quality of their products.To sum up, for the garden tool industry, both domestic and foreign sales have formed a high barrier to enterprises entering the industry.

(4) capital barriers

Garden tools the high capital threshold of the industry, mainly reflects in: garden tools manufacturers need to invest a lot of money to build production workshop and purchase of machinery and equipment, the formation of large-scale and standardized production, strengthening the negotiation and bargaining power of customers and suppliers, and improve sales, reduce the unit cost of production, in order to obtain higher profits.At the same time, garden tools manufacturers need in the process of production and operation, constantly on research and development funds and mould cost, improve product performance and appearance, in response to changes in consumer demand for products at home and abroad.

(5) advantages and disadvantages of the development of the industry.

1. Advantages

(1) policy support

1) domestically, along with the industrialization and urbanization process accelerated, and the consumption structure upgrade, China's energy demand was rigid growth, subject to the limit of the support capability of domestic resources and environmental capacity, resources and environment bottleneck constraints facing economic and social development in China is more outstanding, energy conservation and emissions reduction work difficulty is increasing.Internationally, the game over energy security and climate change is more intense.On the one hand, trade protectionism is on the rise, and some developed countries have introduced carbon tax with technical advantages and plan to implement carbon tariff. Green trade barriers are becoming more and more prominent.On the other hand, the global green economy, low-carbon technology has been on the rise, many developed countries to increase investment, support the energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy and low-carbon technology innovation and development, the competition of the future development of the commanding heights.

In March 2016, the law of the People's Republic of China on the 13th five-year plan for national economic and social development program, illuminates the national strategic intent, has been clear about the grand goal of economic and social development, the main task and major initiatives, including development of green environmental protection industry was mentioned, the plan explicitly pointed out that foster the subject of service, promote energy conservation and environmental protection products, support equipment and service mode innovation, perfecting the policy mechanism, promote energy conservation and environmental protection industry development.

The national development plan is put forward, will support the development of the domestic energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy industry, so as to promote low-emission petrol-powered garden tools, zero discharge of the rapid development of li-ion battery powered garden tools.

The national development and reform commission (NDRC) issued the guidance catalogue for industrial structure adjustment (2011) (amendment), which listed urban landscaping and ecological community construction as an encouraging industry.The foreign investment industrial guidance catalogue (revised in 2011), the national development and reform commission, the no. 12) ", in the flower production and nursery base construction and management, new technology of forestry machinery equipment manufacturing management as to encourage foreign investment industries.

In the above catalogue, the garden greening industry is listed as the encouraging industry, which will be beneficial to the healthy and sustainable development of the garden tools industry.

Housing "issued by the (3) country of housing and urban-rural development of the urban-rural development on promoting the healthy development of urban landscaping business guidance" that is the main task of the current landscaping work: on the basis of green actively expand the city, and further balance green space distribution, strengthening the construction of the city, old city landscaping and transform and upgrade;Closely integrate urban residents with daily recreation, travel and other needs, speed up park green space, residential area green space, road greening and green road construction;Continue to promote the conservation of the landscape;Continuously improve the comprehensive function of green space system;In order to protect the natural ecological resources such as water system, mountain, wetland and woodland in the urban planning area, we should balance urban and rural development.Around at the same time, points out that to be combined with the actual situation, formulate afforestation maintenance management technical specification and maintenance quota standards, to speed up the train maintenance and professional and technical personnel, increase investment in maintenance funds.

The investment in maintenance management should take up 7-10% of the total investment in the construction of landscaping in the previous year, and it is not less than the standard of local landscaping maintenance management.

The promulgations of the above guidelines emphasize the importance of garden conservation and management, and clarify the investment of maintenance management funds to ensure the development of the garden tools industry.

(4) of China internal combustion engine industry association issued "China" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "internal combustion engine industry development planning" market-oriented, based on energy conservation and emissions reduction targets, further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, establish a "leader" incentive mechanism, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, improve the industry concentration, build a batch of competitive enterprises, improve the comprehensive competition of the industry.Promote the promotion of the product quality, promote the enterprise to expand the international market, and strive to make China an internal combustion engine manufacturing power by 2030.

(2) market demand of garden tools industry.

The economic development is stable and the market demand is good.

Released in January 2017, the United Nations world economic situation and outlook in 2017, the report pointed out that in 2017 the global economy will be improved somewhat, expect the world economy will grow by 2.7% in 2017, up from 2.2% in 2016.

The economic development is stable, the per capita consumption level increases, the development and popularization of the garden and horticultural activities, so that the garden tool industry can develop steadily.

There is strong demand in the international market.

According to the report, global gardening and outdoor markets will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 2.77 percent from 2013 to 2018.There are several factors contributing to the growth of global gardening and outdoor markets, and the main factor is the increase in household disposable income.With the recovery of the global economy in recent years, the improvement of personal disposable income has made the garden and outdoor market grow continuously, and the market of garden tools will develop steadily in the future.

At present, the main consumption market of garden tools products is concentrated in the European and American countries.According to the statistical results of 2014, Western Europe, Russia and other countries garden class requirements of the fastest growing and the market scale is huge, such as Russia, although the country's economic situation is bad, in the short term but still keep growing at the rate of compound annual growth rate of 2%, will reach about 97 billion rubles in 2019;In Western Europe, only British consumers spend up to 5 billion a year on gardening.From 2009 to 2014, the United States market demand for the lawn and garden equipment has remained at 4.9% of the total annual compound growth rate, growth rate in 2014-2019 compound growth rate is expected to reach 3.2%, and the scale of $11.7 billion.The strong demand of international market enables the garden tool industry to maintain stable development.

The green coverage rate and green land rate in China are constantly improving.

According to the national afforestation committee office released "2014 China afforestation bulletin", "2015 China afforestation situation gazette and in 2016 the situation of afforestation gazette, from 2014 to 2016, the national city proper greening coverage area, per capita urban park green space greening coverage area and the city proper, the rate data is as follows:


From the above table, it can be seen from the above table that the green coverage area of the urban construction area, the green land area per capita in the city and the green coverage rate and the green land rate of the urban built-up areas in China are increasing year by year.In the future, with the acceleration of China's urbanization and the improvement of urban greening, the green area will continue to grow, and the demand for garden tools will increase.

2. Disadvantages

(1) the requirements of product certification barriers are constantly improved.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more is also high to the requirement of security and environmental protection products, mainly in the European Union, the United States imported areas such as improving product certification standards.Take the environmental protection agency (EPA) and some environmental regulations in the European Union:

(1) the U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA) since 2001, the implementation of the road to spark ignition engine emissions in the second stage (EPA Phase2), among which categories of IV (20 to 50 cc) displacement of holding a petrol engine HC + NOX emission limits, constantly down since 2002.In 2002, the class of gasoline engine HC + NOX emission limit value of 196 g/kw. H, the standard adjustment to 148 g / 2003 kw. J h, 2004, the standard adjustment to 99 g/kw h, since 2005, and the third stage (EPA Phase3) the standard adjustment to 50 g/kw h, and increases the particle emission limit value (2.0 g/kw or less. H (two-stroke machine)) and fuel evaporative emission limit value (1.5 g/m2 (28 ℃) or less per day;2.5 (40) g/m2/ day) requirements.Thus, the U.S. environmental protection agency (epa) is increasingly strict in its requirements for the emission standards of these types of gasoline engines.

The emission limits of the second stage (o II) are implemented in the eu non-road machinery emission directive from 2013.Compared with the first phase (I), in addition to the emission limit value (down 80%), a big drop in in the second stage (II) for all categories increased endurance test (EDP) and 10 g/kw or less NOX h threshold requirements.And it can be divided into 50, 125 and 300 hours according to its use.For domestic use of a hand-held gasoline engine product emission standard requirements, its durability should at least ensure that the exhaust emissions within 50 hours are not greater than the limit.

Thus it can be seen that the major importing countries of garden tools products will become more and more strict in product certification standards, and the requirements of product certification barriers will be constantly improved.

(2) rising labor costs.

As prices rise, the improvement of people's living standards and employment difficult problems, the future of artificial wages will continue to increase, garden tools manufacturing enterprise artificial cost will be increased, a certain influence on the competitiveness of export products.According to the ministry of industry and small and medium-sized enterprise development promotion center of the 2014 national burden of investigation report, the 2015 national enterprise burden survey evaluation report and the 2016 national enterprise burden survey evaluation report, Labour costs rising rapidly is the enterprise reflects the most prominent problem, during the period of 2014 to 2016, in each of the companies surveyed are 68.96%, 79% and 68.96% of reflects the problem.

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