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Fault handling and technical maintenance

- Nov 03, 2018 -

Fault handling and technical maintenance
1. It is generally a problem of the filter if the oil saw turns off, does not work so hard and the generator overheats.
So before working, need to be checked to filter, clean and eligible filter is aimed at the sunlight to observe, should be thorough, bright, otherwise is unqualified.
When the filter of oil saw is not clean enough, use hot soapy water to clean and dry.
Clean filter can ensure the normal use of the saw.
2. When the saw teeth of oil saw become not sharp, you can use a special file to repair the serrated chain teeth to ensure the sharpness of the serrated teeth.
At this time, it should be noted that the direction of the file, along the cutting teeth, do not reverse, and file and oil saw chain chain Angle should not be too large, 30 degrees is appropriate.
3. Before using the oil saw, the oil of the chain saw should be added. The advantage of this method is that it can provide lubrication for the oil saw, reduce the friction heat between the chain of the oil saw and the guide plate of the oil saw, play a protective role for the guide plate, and also protect the chain of the oil saw from premature scrapping.
4. After the use of the saw, the saw should be maintained, so that the working efficiency can be guaranteed when the saw is used again.
The first thing is to remove impurities from the inlet hole and the groove of the guide plate of the oil saw to ensure a smooth inlet hole.
Next also should clear to guide board head inside sundry, add a few drop machine oil.
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Common knowledge of oil saws


Technical maintenance

1. The new machine shall be in running-in period from the beginning of operation to the third filling period. Do not allow the engine to run at high speed without load during operation, so as to avoid extra burden on the engine during running-in period.
All moving parts must be adjusted to each other in the run-in stage, and there will be greater friction resistance between the driving parts.
Generally, the high-branch saw engine reaches the maximum power after 5 to 15 times of oil filling.
2. After working for a long period under full load, the engine should be idled for a short time to allow the cooling air flow to take away most of the heat, so that the parts of the driving device (ignition device, carburetor) will not cause adverse consequences due to heat accumulation.
3. Maintenance of air filter.
Adjust the damper to the position of damper to prevent dirt from entering the inlet pipe.
Place the foam filter in a clean, non-flammable cleaning solution (such as hot soapy water) to wash and dry.
Replace the carpet filter. When it is not too dirty, you can gently tap or blow, but do not clean the carpet filter.
Note that the damaged filter element must be replaced.
Be careful to place the marked side of the carpet filter into the filter housing.

4. Check spark plug.
Check the spark plug first in case of engine power shortage, start-up difficulty or idling failure.
Clean the contaminated spark plug, check the electrode distance, the correct distance is 0.5 mm, adjust if necessary.


To avoid spark and fire hazards, if the spark plug has a separate joint, screw the nut onto the thread and tighten it. Press the spark plug tightly on the spark plug.

If there is a small problem with the saw, it should be repaired.
In fact, the most important thing about the saw is how you use it and how you maintain it.

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