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Garden tools and their prospects in our country.

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Garden tools and their prospects in our country.

As domestic in recent years the development of urban construction, urban greening has become a big industry, daily maintenance and rely on these tools, garden tools of domestic industry in the rapid rise, also present a thriving. However, compared with the foreign industry, we still have a gap. After all, the foreign garden tools have an early origin and a more mature development. What is the difference between Chinese garden tool industry and foreign industry?

1. The core technology of garden machinery cannot keep up.
The core of garden machinery is the engine. According to relevant experts, the garden machinery with imported engine is small, energy-saving and durable. And domestic engine noise and fuel consumption are very large, easy to damage. The work efficiency of the two is far more serious, the same horsepower engine, the same operating condition, the efficiency of the domestic machine is sometimes less than half of the import machine. Due to the gap of engine grade, many domestic garden machinery manufacturers choose to import engines, which leads to the increase of production cost and disadvantage in market competition.

2. There is a great disparity in the working conditions of domestic garden machines.
The gap between the quality of domestic garden machinery and the import machinery is mainly reflected in: after the mower is pruned, the grass is uneven. The edge of the transplanter is not neat, the drafting speed is slow, and the continuous working ability is poor. Even though the price of imported garden machinery is high, many people still want to buy it.

3. The market of garden machinery is influenced by consumption concept.
For a long time, people formed a kind of consumption concept: imports is better than domestic, even if some quality is better than that of imports, domestic product now some people are willing to buy imports.
In the face of foreign market strong impact, garden tools of the trade in our country is in a relatively weak position, both technically and in terms of popularity and development experience, has a significant portion of the gap. But we also know that the development of all industries can not be achieved overnight, it is not happen overnight, we can also see that some domestic enterprises by improving technology, set up the enterprise image, to raise their level, and is gradually accepted by consumers. At the same time, we can also communicate more with foreign industry, learning, both inside and outside, to create Chinese garden tools industry, hope in the near future, our domestic garden mechanical energy to dominate in the domestic market, and gradually enter the international market.

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