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Garden Trimming, a Good Helper - Classification and Application of Hedge Trimming Machine

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Hedge trimmer can also be called a hedge trimmer, which can be divided into different types of starting electric and motorized. Such as by blade movement can be divided into different types of reciprocating and rotary knife.

 Hedge trimmer structure:

(1) reciprocating mobile hedge trimmer is a gasoline engine, switches, handles, blades, starting rope and other components.

(2) Rotary electric hedge trimmer is composed of motor, fixed knife holder, movable blade, fixed blade, joystick, handle, cable and so on.

(3) boom hanging hedge trimmer: tractor, boom, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic boom, work frame, cutting devices and other components.

 Correct use of hedge trimmers:

① Before work, first go to the job site to see the topography, the nature of hedges, the location of obstacles, the surrounding danger levels, and to remove obstacles that can be moved.

② Before use, carefully read the instruction manual to understand the scope of use of the machine, technical parameters and precautions.

③ to wear overalls, wearing work hats and gloves.

④ operation, the operator should hold the handle, do not hold its parts, so as not to damage the blade.

⑤ operation, do not let the blade hit the wire, pile and other hard objects, so as not to damage the blade.

⑥ When the following conditions, should not operate: the weather is not good, windy, thunderstorms, fog weather, foot slippery muddy, it is difficult to maintain a stable posture of their own work.

⑦ gasoline engine speed should be maintained within the operational requirements of the operating speed range, must not rush to progress determined to increase speed.

⑧ stop working, you must first shut down the gasoline engine, walk to bring the blade down.

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