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Have you learned the common problems of chain saw maintenance?

- May 20, 2018 -

Have you learned the common problems of chain saw maintenance?
4000桔灰优点图.jpgYou may have encountered in the process of the use of chain saw all sorts of problems, and the chain saw repair  again is a big problem for us, so when the chain saw encounter problems you are how to solve?

1. Where to start the chain saw inspection and maintenance?

First of all, there are two cases, if it is a sudden death at work, it can be roughly determined that the circuit is a problem;
If it is normal shut down hind start not to should be oil road plug or pull cylinder.

Maintenance order:

1. Re-adjust the oil needle, tighten the pin and loosen the ring half, and then tighten the H needle again;

2. Exhaust air, so that the carburetor can flow out;

3. Pull the fire five or six times, if it does not sound the machine to remove the spark plug to see if there is no oil;

4. If there is oil, it is proved that there is a problem with the circuit (changing the spark plug, or changing the coil assembly if it can't be solved, if the control is bad, it is usually not a spark);

5. There is no oil on the oil (check the tank cover, the tubing filter, there is no clogging in the carburetor, one-way valve, no pull cylinder, oil seal leakage).

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