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How do I adjust the chain tension?

- Mar 22, 2018 -

How do I adjust the chain tension?


A loose chain increases wear on drive sprockets, drive links and bar, and endanger the operator if it climbs out of the track. A chain that is too tight will increase wear on components.

            When adjusting chain tension follow the manufacturer's instructions. General tips include:

            1.Shut off the saw.

            2.Wear gloves to avoid cuts.

            3.Loosen bar nuts.

            4.Rest tip of the bar on a small piece of wood to hold tip up.

            5.Tighten chain by turning adjustment screws until the chain is snug against the bar but able to be turned freely.

            6.Tighten bar nuts for correct chain tension by pulling on bar upwards with a gloved hand or supporting it firmly from below.

            7.Check tension frequently and adjust as required.

            8.Ensure chain rotates smoothly after tensioning.

           Clean out the chain-oil portal when maintaining the guide bar. Sawdust can block delivery of oil to the cutting chain.

Quote from:www.ccohs.ca

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