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How do I sharpen a chainsaw blade?

- Feb 08, 2018 -

How do I sharpen a chainsaw blade?

There are two options here: take your chain to a saw sharpening company (many reasonable DIY stores offer this service) or conversely you can sharpen the chainsaw yourself. The advantage of the latter, although it can be tedious and time consuming, is it will certainly work out more cost effective. So lets look at how to sharpen the chainsaw at home.

In order to properly sharpen your cutting chain, you should understand the principles behind how it works. There are five components to the typical saw chain:

· Tie-straps

· Rivets

· Left-hand cutters

· Right-hand cutters

· Drive links

You’ll know it’s time to sharpen your chain when several things happen:

· The chain starts to look “shiny.”

· The chain stops self-feeding.

· The discharge from your saw is dusty.

Let’s look at why chainsaw sharpening is important, and how it’s done.

Effective sharpening

This task will require you cover three areas: filing the top plate to the correct angle; filing the side plate to the correct angle; the depth gauge needs to be filed to the correct “bite”.

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