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How do I use a chain saw file? How to replace the chainsaw chain?

- Apr 27, 2018 -

How do I use a chain saw file?
How to replace the chainsaw chain?


Chainsaw file is also called chain saw file, oil saw steel file, etc., is a commonly used oil accessories accessories.
The application of the file is very early. The oldest file found is the bronze file in Egypt around 1500 BC.
Chain saw file usage is relatively large, high quality requirement, although no chain grinding machine fast file chain, but easy to carry, and the price is cheap, and file the chain effect is better than electric mill chain confidential, maintenance of chain saw chain loss than chain grinding machine is low, can be used in the lumberjack kit chain saw with one of the necessary chain saw parts.
So how do you use a chain saw file?
In addition, the chainsaw sprocket is the power transmission middleware of the passive disk and the chain, and it needs to be replaced frequently because of its high working strength and high loss.
Another person will ask how to change the chainsaw sprocket?
Today we are mainly talking about the use of oil saw file and the replacement of chainsaw sprocket.

Method of use of oil saw file.


Chain is easy to wear and tear to maintenance, often in the file chain saw chain best first fixed chain, chain saw chain can be directly put on the plate with a chain saw, then cut along the edge to the back chain saw file (one-way), can be completed in about ten minutes chain saw chain maintenance.
In order to make it easier to use the oil saw file, it is better to use the chain file handle, the tail of the general oil saw file is round, and there are pointed and square types, so the corresponding file handle can be purchased.
To extend the life of the file, the following rules must be observed:

1. Do not use new file to reduce hard metal;

2. Do not use the file to quench the quenching materials;

3. Forgings and castings with hard or viscous sand shall be polished off after grinding on the grinder, and then cut with a semi-sharp file;

4. Use one side of the new file first, then use the other side when the face is dull.

5. When filing, use a wire brush to clean the chip off the teeth.

6. The file should not be overlapped or stacked with other tools;

7. When using a file, it should not be too fast.

8. File a file to avoid water, oil or other dirt;

9. Fine file is not allowed to file soft metal;

10. Use a file to avoid breaking it.

Replacement of chainsaw sprocket.

The chainsaw sprocket is usually mounted behind the clutch cup, so it is necessary to remove the clutch from the clutch before replacing the sprocket.
Chain saw the clutch screw tooth for tooth nut, general clutch on OFF with a clockwise direction arrow, means clockwise to loosen the disassembly, instead of the counterclockwise to lock.
Generally, the clutch and crankshaft will be tightened in the assembly, so the normal dismantling requires special tools: electric or pneumatic wrench and a three-tooth sleeve with a diameter of 24 or 26.
24 or 26 diameter three-teeth sleeve can be done by themselves, can take 24 or 26 sleeve to cut off the three sides of the distance, so that can just jam the clutch.
If no above tools, also can get better knock and mechanical tools, such as T rod sleeve with a hammer, knock down the clutch OFF the arrow on the clockwise, the novice approach is difficult, need some patience and skills, and knock before had better use a heat gun heating screw parts.
After replacing the sprocket, use safety for the tool. Remember that the clutch must be locked.

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