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How do we choose the excavator earth auger?

- Feb 22, 2018 -

How do we choose the excavator earth auger?

1.The diameter of the hole

Beiyi excavator hydraulic auger diameter range of 100mm-1200mm, a very wide range

2.look at the soil conditions you drilled in the area

A. Ordinary drill pipe (including drill teeth and drill)

Suitable for softer clay layers

B. Wear-resistant drill pipe (including carbide teeth and carbide drill)

Mainly applicable to the soil, sand layer, with a small amount of clay in the dense sand layer and the small diameter of the sandstone layer without drilling.

C. Soft rock drill pipe (including rock teeth and rock drill)

Now everyone should know how to choose the required drill bit model?

BEIYI machinery to introduce foreign advanced technology, multi-channel introduction of industry professionals, focusing on industry technology innovation. The manufacture of auger rig has a simple structure, strong chisel ability, low noise, long life and high flexibility. Which can improve the efficiency of construction to a certain extent, reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

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