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How do you fix a chainsaw?

- Jan 04, 2018 -

How do you fix a chainsaw?

Here’s a round up of the top five problems I have encountered when using chainsaws and how to avoid them.

1.Chain tensioning does not work

Likely cause: Some chainsaws have a mechanism to prevent over tensioning. If you have followed the right procedure for adjusting the tension, the tensioning screw may be damaged.

How to avoid: Tensioning the chain correctly can be tricky. You should have no visible slack, but the chain should move easily round the guide bar. You should be able to pull the chain slightly away from the bar. Take time to get this right to avoid damaging the chainsaw.

2.Chain does not oil

Likely cause: Chain oil travels from the tank via a tube, then runs into the guide bar and the groove where the chain moves round the guide bar. If the chain does not oil, it may be clogged with wood shavings and dirt, or there may be a blockage in the line from the chain-oil tank to the bar.

How to avoid: Make sure you clean the chainsaw thoroughly after each use. If this does not work, run the saw without the bar to see if the oil is being pumped out of the tank.

3.Engine will not turn over

Likely cause: There are many reasons why a petrol chainsaw will not start, such as a mistuned choke, faulty spark plug, or a blocked fuel line. Even if everything is working well, petrol chainsaws can still be hard to start.

How to avoid: Clean your chainsaw thoroughly after every use, removing all covers to reach every part. Drain your petrol tank regularly, clean the air filters and check your oil filters. Invest in regular servicing to keep it running well.

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