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How much do you know about the common failure and maintenance of chainsaw?

- May 10, 2018 -

How much do you know about the common failure and maintenance of chainsaw?

Chain saw presence greatly reduce the labor of the workers and improve the work efficiency, but the chain saw in at the same time may also be convenient to people there is unsatisfactory, sometimes with a chain saw is malfunctioned, and a lot of people don't know how to deal with these faults, small make up part summarizes the knowledge of fault and maintenance of the chain saw just want to say to you today.

1, before the use of chain saw, chain saw saw chain oil will be listed, the advantage is the ability to provide lubrication for the chain saw, reduce the chain saw saw chain and chain saw guide of the friction heat, protect the guide, at the same time also can protect the chain saw saw chain, so as to avoid premature discard.

2, chain saw, start difficult or room temperature cannot start, should first check the spark plug carbon deposition seriously and ignition (contact cylinder pull starter to see if there is a spark), in addition to see whether there is a surplus of oil in the cylinder (submerged cylinder), and confirm the presence of cylinder pressure, reset carburetor L, H screw, tubing is installed (oil needle at the end of screwing clockwise, return the 1 ~ 1.5 times) counterclockwise.

3. If the oil saw is turned off, the work is not so exciting, and the heating machine is overheating, it is usually the problem of the filter.
Therefore, before work, the filter should be checked, and the clean and qualified filter should be focused on the sunlight, which should be thorough and bright, and vice versa.
When the filter of the oil saw is not clean enough, hot soapy water is applied to wash and dry, and the clean filter can ensure the normal use of the oil saw.

4, when run chain saw starter does not move, should check whether the chain saw starter is damaged, check whether there is s gas-olinge flywheel adsorbate, chain saw whether cylinder (from the vent, air inlet to see whether a drawing mark on the piston), at the same time to see if there are any more friction chain saw flywheel and cylinder.

How much do you know about the common failure and maintenance of oil saw?

5, chain saw, in the process of using sound, check whether there is foreign body inside the muffler, muffler screw loosening, dome and flywheel whether interference, the flywheel is a foreign body adsorption, the spark plug is loose, whether the needle roller clutch is dispersed, crankshaft fracture, guide, saw chain is too loose, not to be too loose lock screw.


How much do you know about the common failure and maintenance of oil saw?

6, chain saw, in the process of using high speed is high, then should check whether air filter dust mask (gas), whether the fuel filter was chocked up with impurities (oil), as well as the carburetor high-speed screw too high (mixing ratio), whether the chain saw cylinder (from the vent, air inlet to see whether a drawing mark on the piston).

7. When the oil saw wood is weak, it should adjust the H screw of the oil saw carburetor to check the wear degree of the cylinder and piston ring.

8. When the chain is too loose when the chain is used, check whether the chain is installed into the sprocket;
Whether the chain installation is standard, hand chain saw chain, middle guide tooth tip to guide plate distance 5-6mm;
Then loosen the right cover lock nut, adjust the adjusting screw, adjust the saw chain to fit, lock the right side cover;
In addition, one link can be cut off properly.

9. When the sawtooth of the oil saw is not sharp, use a special file to rest the serrated chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw.
It is important to note that in the case of a file, the direction of the cutting teeth should not be reversed, while the Angle of the file and the chain chain should not be too large. It should be 30 degrees.

10. After the use of the oil saw, the oil saw should be maintained, so that the work efficiency can be guaranteed the next time the oil saw is used.
First of all, it is necessary to remove impurities from the feed hole and guide slot of the oil saw guide plate to ensure the smooth flow of the oil inlet hole.
Secondly, it should be clear in the head of the guide plate, and add a few drops of oil.

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