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How to adjust the big throttle of the saw? The saw won't pull the solution

- Jul 02, 2018 -

How to adjust the big throttle of the saw?

Many chain saw in use process encountered problems, don't know how to solve quickly, small make up today to say to you about chain saw several problems that may encounter in the process of use, all can be used as a reference, for a rainy day.

Saw big gas pedal how to adjust?

1. Air leakage (crankshaft oil seal, cylinder liner, throat pipe, etc.)

2. The carburetor was not adjusted properly. Combined with L needle, T needle was adjusted again.

3. Pull cylinder (can only be replaced).

The reason why an oil saw flameout when it is sawing wood with a higher throttle

1. Check whether the air door is open.

2. Check whether the air filter is clean.

3. After extinguishing the fire, see how much oil there is on the spark plug. It is a carburetor problem that the oil can be thrown down.
First, check the oil supply, no oil leakage, no gas leakage, turn the carburetor L needle to the right to the bottom, and then turn to the left for a week and a half.

4. If the valve can be held at low speed, it will shut down as soon as the oil door is filled, which is a compression problem.
It may be that there is a gap between the piston of the cylinder body or that the gasket on the cylinder body leaks air, which can only be repaired at the maintenance station.


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