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How to change the oil on the lawn mower

- Oct 15, 2018 -

How to change the oil on the lawn mower?


Mower is also known as mower, mower, lawn mower, etc., is a kind of mechanical tools used to mow the lawn, vegetation, etc., there are diesel engines and petrol mower, today is mainly to say to you is the corep gasoline mower.
It is composed of cutter disc, engine, travelling wheel, travelling mechanism, blade, handrail, control and other parts.
The blade takes advantage of the high speed rotary output speed of the engine, which saves the working time of the weeder and reduces a lot of human resources.
Today to tell you a few common lawn mower fault, hope to help you.
Spring can't start
If the maintenance is not properly done after winter, the reasons and countermeasures are as follows:
(1) it may be that the oil in the oil tank has not been fully discharged in the previous year, so check whether the fuel is qualified fresh oil;
(2) its function is to send the pulse high-voltage electric discharge of the high-voltage conductor (the nozzle line), break through the air between the spark plug and the two electrodes, and generate electric spark to ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder.
Many idle unsteady, jitter, poor acceleration, lack of power, frequent idling self-extinguishing phenomenon, oil, gas consumption increased, which is caused by the damage of spark plug.
If the spark plug dirty, can clean, serious damage, need to replace the same model accessories.
If ignition is not possible, the gap between spark plug electrodes can be adjusted, with 0.6-0.9mm in winter and 0.9-1.0mm in other seasons.
(3) the gasifier should be cleaned if the fuel is not burnt out before the gasifier was stopped last year (it must be cleaned by professionals);
(4) send the carburetor of the mower engine to the professional shop for maintenance.
How to change the oil on the lawn mower?
How to clean the empty filter of the lawn mower?


2. How to change the oil of the mower?

The oil should be replaced 5 hours after the first operation of the new mower, and the oil should be replaced every 30-50 hours after operation.
The oil can be replaced at the oil drain hole of the oil sump at the lower part of the cutter disc, or the oil port can be opened and the mower can be left to drain (empty filter must be above).
In any case, the heat engine should stop, remove the spark plug ignition line immediately after the oil put clean, restore, and re-add the appropriate oil at the specified scale.
Note: the waste oil released should be well preserved and handed over to the waste oil recycler, and should not pollute the environment.
3. If the oil is not changed regularly, what is the failure reaction of the engine?
As the working time of the engine increases, the dissolved waste in the oil will gradually increase, the color of the oil will gradually become black, and the lubrication function will gradually reduce.
If the oil is changed at any time, the lubricating function of the oil will gradually reduce, which will lead to excessive oil consumption, premature engine wear and power loss, until the link breaks, and the engine is scrapped.
Oil change time should be 50 hours.
If the engine is operating at high temperatures or in dusty conditions, the oil change time should be about 25 hours, or depending on the color of the oil in the oil chamber.
4. Why should the oil be changed regularly?
The correct grade oil of the mower is used to lubricate, cool down, clean and strengthen the piston seal.
Machine use after a period of time, as the dust in the air to enter and machine wear metal scrap into the oil and the oil is heated, sports, its various performance will decline, such as oil change not in time, will accelerate the abrasion of machine, reduce the machine service life, and even cause watts, cylinder, connecting rod fracture accident.
Therefore, the oil should be replaced within the specified period according to the instruction to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
5. Regular oil change still cannot maintain the purity of oil, why?
The ordinary lawn mower needs to be replaced after about 20-25 hours of operation. Since the oil is sticky at room temperature, it must be replaced under the state of the engine to ensure that the oil is completely clean.
Generally, the above problems are not replaced in the state of heat engine, and the waste oil is not completely discharged. Even if the new oil is refilled, it is contaminated by the waste oil remaining in the cylinder, so the replacement oil should be carried out in the state of heat engine.
Six, when mower MOWS grass why should use big accelerator?

The rotary cutter shearing machine relies on the high-speed rotation of the blade to cut the grass. If the linear speed of blade tip is not enough, the effect of cutting grass is not good.


Therefore, when cutting grass to use high - speed throttle.
In addition, the carburetor and automatic speed control device of the lawn mower make its oil consumption is not high when the high accelerator is not under load, only when it is under load, its speed will reach 2800r.p.m. from the no-load 3400r.p.m.

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