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How to clean the air filter of the lawn mower

- Aug 09, 2018 -

How to clean the air filter of the lawn mower

Some problems can be solved by ourselves, such as cleaning the air filter and replacing the spark plug. Today, I would like to tell you how to clean the air filter of the lawn mower

I. air filter

Dirty air filters limit carburetor intake and reduce the performance of the mower.
If you use a lawn mower with a lot of dust, increase the frequency of cleaning filters to maintain the periodic table.
When the mower is run without an air filter or a damaged air filter, dirt can enter the mower, causing it to wear faster.

How to clean the air filter and spark plug of the lawn mower?
1. Unscrew the knob on the air filter cover and remove the air filter.

2. Remove the paper filter on the air filter, and then remove the foam filter on the air filter cover.

3. Check the air filter. If it is damaged, replace it.


Clean the air filter.

A. remove the air filter cover and foam filter core.

B. remove the paper filter element from the air filter.

C. Paper filter core cleaning.

Tap the filter core on a hard object a few times to remove dust, or blast compressed air (no more than 207kpa) through the air filter from the metal screen edge.
Don't brush the dirt with the brush, it will brush the dirt into the fiber.
Replace the paper filter cartridge if it is dirty.

D. Cleaning of foam filter core

Thoroughly clean the filter element with hot soapy water or nonflammable solvent, and then dry it.
Do not use fuel oil as a cleaner, which may cause combustion or explosion.

Wipe the dirt off the empty filter holder and cover with a damp cloth.
Be careful not to allow dirt into the air duct connected to the carburetor.

6. Reinstall the air filter element to ensure the correct position, and then install the air filter cover and tighten it.

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