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How to clean the empty filter of the lawn mower?

- Oct 17, 2018 -

How to clean the empty filter of the lawn mower?

1.The foam filter is cleaned every 25 hours and the dust should be more frequent.
The cleaning of the foam filter element shall be cleaned with kerosene or washing liquid and water, then extruded and dried, and then soaked through the oil, so that the surplus oil can be removed and installed.
The oil is not needed if it is printed with "DONNOTOIL".
Paper filters are cleaned every 25 hours, and dust is more frequent.
The front filter with front air filter is cleaned every 25 hours, and the paper core is cleaned every 100 hours.
Dust should be more frequent when large.
The cleaning of the front air filter is the same as the foam filter.
The paper filter should be tapped on the surface.
If very dirty, replace or wash in low or no foam detergent and warm water solution;
Rinse the external water thoroughly from inside until the water is clean;
Stand and air dry.
Note: do not use petroleum solvents, such as kerosene, to clean the paper core.
Do not put oil on the paper core. Do not clean or dry the paper core with compressed air.
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How to clean the empty filter of the lawn mower?


2. Why do you need to clean and replace the air filter of the lawn mower regularly?

The empty filter core is to prevent the dust from entering the cylinder, to avoid the dust into the cylinder after the machine parts caused by early wear and tear, should be regularly cleaned and fixed term replacement.
The dust in the machine will be deposited on the empty filter core to reduce the air intake and increase the combustion mixing ratio, resulting in incomplete combustion and decreased power. The long working time will produce carbon deposition, which will aggravate the wear between the piston of the cylinder. Carbon deposition in the cylinder will cause the drawing cylinder and loss of power of the machine.
The empty filter core should be cleaned and replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
At the same time, the outer wall of the cylinder body should be cleaned frequently to ensure its heat dissipation effect.
Otherwise it will also aggravate the machine wear.

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