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How to clean the spark plug of a brush cutter?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

How to clean the spark plug of a brush cutter?

In order to guarantee the good performance of spark plug, it is necessary to adjust the spark plug gap and remove carbon deposition.

1. Remove the spark plug and remove the dirt around the spark plug.

2. Remove the spark plug with a suitable spark plug wrench.

3.Check the spark plug.
Replace the spark plug if it is damaged and the gasket or electrode is worn.
When the spark plug is used again, clean it with a wire brush.


4. Measure the electrode gap with appropriate gauge, and the correct gap is 0.60-0.80mm.
Adjust if necessary.

5. Install the spark plug by hand until it is fixed, then screw down 1/4 more with the spark plug special wrench.

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