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How to do the winter maintenance of mower?

- Oct 29, 2018 -

How to do the winter maintenance of mower?


Lawn mower is known as the cutting machine is a single use portable garden tool, it has a small gasoline engine power, through the shaft drive the blades rotating, complete the various tasks, good durability, start very deft, operation is simple and convenient, applicable scope broad, such as: resect shrubs, the growth of weeds and trees of the forest, a small lawn trimming, around the roots such as lawn mowing machine reach place can use cutting machine to complete.
The lawn mower in use at the same time can not ignore the maintenance work, today mainly to tell you how to do well the winter maintenance work of the lawn mower.

Lawn mower maintenance in winter
When the winter mower is stored for more than 30 days:
First, remove the fuel from the tank and start the engine until it runs out of fuel.
Second, in the state of the engine, just shut down, first put off the crankcase oil, and then the recommended level of the new oil on the appropriate scale.
Third, remove the spark plug, drop 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder, rotate the crankshaft number of turns, and install the spark plug.
Fourth, clean the dust and debris around the cutter plate, body, cylinder body, cylinder head radiator, air guide cover, mesh cover and muffler.
Fifth, the preservation should be placed horizontally on the ground, with a cloth cover on the lawn mower to prevent dust from falling.
Sixth, clean the mower thoroughly.
Before idling the lawn mower for a long time in winter, the bottom, deck and oil box cover should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid residual weeds and mud that may cause erosion to the machine.
Before cleaning, the spark plug and opening device should be removed, and the accumulated impurities should be removed from the landing gear and deck with hose, putty knife and car cleaner.
Use a brush to remove sediment from the airway of the mailbox to avoid blockage of the airway.

Seventh, remove oil stains.


Chemical reaction will occur when oil stains contact with the equipment for a long time, causing the equipment surface paint to fall off. Therefore, timely removal is required.
When removing oil stains, spray the degreaser on the place where the equipment has oil stains, leave it for 10-15 minutes, wipe it off with a towel, and rinse it off with water.

Eighth, the prevention and control of bare parts of lawn mower rust.
The bare part of the mower can be sprayed with lubricant to prevent rust effectively.
Keep the mower in a dry place.
Ninth, inspect the vulnerable parts regularly.
Develop the habit of regularly checking the vulnerable parts, and timely replace the damaged parts, which can not only improve the performance of the mower, but also eliminate the security risks.

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