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How to install the saw gear?

- Jul 10, 2018 -

How to install the saw gear?

The oil saw inserts the wooden tooth in the installation, the sharp spike upward, installs on the machine, saw the wood to be able to jam the wood.
Chainsaw is a kind of breaking equipment, which can be divided into motor chainsaw, non-motor chainsaw, concrete chainsaw and so on according to its function and driving mode.
Also check the chain when installing the insert teeth.


1. Check the tension of saw chain frequently. When checking and adjusting, please close the engine and wear protective gloves.
The proper tension is when the chain is attached to the bottom of the guide plate and can be pulled by hand.

2. There must always be a little oil on the chain.
Check saw chain lubrication and oil level of lubricating oil tank before working.
The chain can never work without lubrication. If the chain is dry, the cutting device will be damaged.

Never use old engine oil.
Old machine oil can not meet the lubrication requirements, not suitable for chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the oil tank is not lowered, it may be that the lubrication transportation fails.
Check the lubrication of the chain and check the oil path.
The use of contaminated filters can also lead to poor lubricating oil supply.
The lubricating oil filter shall be cleaned or replaced in the fuel tank and pump connection pipes.

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