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How to maintain petrol telescopic pole pruner

- Mar 17, 2018 -

How to maintain petrol telescopic pole pruner

Always check the chain tensioning. Please turn off the engine when checking and adjusting. Wear protective gloves.The suitable condition is that when the chain is attached to the lower part of the guide plate, the hand can pull the chain.

The chain must always spill a little oil.Check chain lubrication and lubricating oil tank oil level before work.A chain without lubrication must not work, such as working with a dry chain, resulting in damage to the cutting device.

Never use old motor oil.The old engine oil cannot meet the lubrication requirement, not suitable for chain lubrication.

If the oil level in the oil tank does not decrease, it may be the lubrication delivery failure.Should check the chain lubrication, check the oil road.It can also lead to a poor supply of lubricants through contaminated filters.Clean or replace the lubricating oil strainer in the tank and pump.

After replacing the new chain, it takes 2 to 3 minutes for the chain to run.Check the tensioning of the chain after grinding, and adjust it if necessary.The new chain needs to be tensioned more often than it has been for some time.In a cold state, the chain must be stuck to the bottom of the guide plate, but the chain can be moved by hand.Tighten the chain if necessary.When the working temperature reaches the working temperature, the chain expansion is slightly pendulous, and the driving section below the guide plate cannot be removed from the chain slot. Otherwise, the chain will jump ship and need to be re-tensioned.

Be sure to relax after work.The chain will shrink when it is cooled, and no loose chain will damage the crankshaft and the bearing.If the chain is tensioned at work, the chain contracts when it is cooled, and the chain is too tight to damage the crankshaft and the bearing.

You can only use unleaded gasoline above 90.When adding gasoline, the tank cover and the refueling port must be cleaned before refueling, so as not to have debris into the tank.The high branch saw should be placed in a flat place to cover the tank top.Don't let the gasoline spill out when you come on, you can't fill the tank too full.Always use your hand to tighten the tank cap after refueling.

The machine oil can only use the high quality two-stroke engine oil. It is better to use the two-stroke engine oil specially for the high branch saw engine to ensure the long service life of the engine.When using other two stroke engine oil, its model should reach tc quality.Poor quality gasoline or motor oil can damage engines, seals, oil channels, and fuel tanks.

The mixture ratio of gasoline and motor oil: the two-stroke engine oil used for the high branch saw engine is 1:50, i.e., 1 portion of oil and 50 portions of gasoline;Use other engine oil that meets tc level at 1:25, or 1 portion of engine oil plus 25 portions of gasoline.The hybrid method is to pour oil into a fuel tank, then fill it with gasoline and mix well.The gasoline engine oil mixture will age, and the general configuration should not exceed one month's usage.Special attention should be paid to avoiding direct contact between gasoline and skin, and to avoid gasoline-derived gases.

The oil suction pipe should be replaced regularly every year.

New machines from start to use until the third time for the period during loading, don't let the noise of the engine with no load when using high-speed operation, so as not to bring extra burden to the engine during the break-in.All moving parts must be adjusted to each other during the running-in phase, and there will be greater frictional resistance between the driving parts.The general high - branch saw engine reaches the maximum power after 5-15 times.

This work during a long period of time after full load operation, to keep the engine idling do for short periods of time, let the cooling airflow away most of the heat, a drive unit (ignition device, carburetor), not because of the heat accumulation adverse consequences.

The maintenance of the air filter.Adjust the air door to the choke position so that the dirt will not enter the inlet pipe.Clean and dry the foam filter in a clean non-flammable cleaning solution (such as hot soapy water).Replace the felt filter with a gentle tap or blow when it is not too dirty, but do not clean the felt filter.Note that the damaged cartridge must be replaced.When installing, pay attention to loading the felt filter with a marked side into the filter housing.

Check the spark plug.Check the spark plug first if the engine is low power, start a difficult or idling failure.Clean the contaminated spark plug, check the electrode distance, the correct distance is 0.5mm, adjust if necessary.In order to avoid the spark and fire danger, if the spark plug has a separate joint, it must screw the nut onto the thread and tighten it tightly, pressing the spark plug into the spark plug.

If you do not use a high branch saw for more than 3 months, you should keep it as follows.

In the ventilated place empty gasoline tank, and clean.

The dry carburetor, or the carburetor pump film will stick, affecting the next start.

Remove the chain and guide plate, clean and check.

Thoroughly clean the whole machine, especially the cylinder fin and air filter.

If you use a chain lubricant, fill the lube tank.

The machine is kept in a dry and safe place to prevent contact (such as children).

In accordance with the regulations, wear overalls and wear corresponding labor protection articles, such as helmet, protective glasses, gloves, working shoes, etc., should also wear colorful vest.

The engine should be turned off in the transport of the machine.

The engine must be turned off before it can be refueled.When the engine is free of fuel, the engine should be shut down for 15 minutes, and the engine will be cooled before refueling.

Check the operation safety of high branch saw before starting.

When starting the high branch saw, must maintain a distance of more than three meters from the refueling site.Don't use a high branch saw in a closed room.

Do not smoke in the machine or near the machine to prevent fire.

When working, be sure to use both hands to hold the high branch saw.


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